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Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/8/2018 20:29:52

Level 58
Since Master Bjarke is too busy right now to continue running the league i've decided to take over.

We have open spots for new players.

The Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League is a seasonal group of round-robin tournaments, always on the “Small Earth” map with standard settings. At the end of each season, the top players of each group are promoted to the next group above. Bottom players are relegated to the next group below. Middle players remain in the same group.

This season is made up of seven groups with 10 players for the most part (A through G). Depending on new players group G will possible be a bit bigger than 10 players, 15 at most. Each tournament is set at 5 games at once with a 3-day boot time.
Group B has 1 additional player compared to other groups while group C has 1 less. This will be nullified by group B having 1 more relegation this season if noone of the players in groups A and B drop out.

No rules are changed from last season.

Links for the tournaments of this season:

Group A: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25017
Group B: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25018
Group C: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25019
Group D: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25020
Group E: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25021
Group F: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25022
Group G: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25023

New players can join by writing in this thread or sending me a message.

You can get all the tournament links and league history for last season by checking out the thread from Season 13:
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/8/2018 20:30:11

Level 58


The Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League is a seasonal group of round-robin tournaments, always on the “Small Earth” map with standard coin settings. At the end of each season, the top players of each group are promoted to the next group above. Bottom players are relegated to the next group below. Middle players remain in the same group.

The league is meant to appeal to players who want to see, over the course of several seasons, where their natural level of competition might take them. For new, skilled participants, this means patience in getting to the levels where they will be challenged. Hopefully, that is part of the fun. The idea is to see how quickly you can progress, how long you can stay high, or how long it takes to stop a skid.


The league is run with a balance of predictability and flexibility. Final decisions are made by the league administrator with an attempt to consider input of league players.

The model will ideally be to have the top three promote and the bottom three relegate but there are exceptions. Where there is a default – a player becoming inactive or asking to bow out of the league – there can be more promotions and less relegations to fill in the vacancy. Where this happens in several groups there can be a lot of shuffling. The principle, though, is to usually have at least one player from each group relegated. Several retirements means fewer relegations and possible super-promotions to keep the groups filled.

Players are kicked from the league if they have 3 or more boots in a season, or 2 boots in two consecutive seasons, unless they provide a really good reason for the boots. Kicked players can only return as a new player in the bottom group.
Vacations are honoured, however, any player taking more than 3 vacations in a single season will be kicked from the league and can only return in future season as a new player in the bottom group.

Placements in a round-robin are determined by number of wins. In the event of a tie, placements are determined by head-to-head results among the tied. Occasionally, there are loops of ties that cannot be resolved by the head-to-head rule. If this is the case, ties will be broken by the following (in order of preference):

1: No. of Boots. Boots is penalized in resolving ties not solved by the head to head rule. Booted players are moved to the buttom of the tie, and head-to-head is applied again between players with the same amount of boots.
2: Overall win/loss ratio. (The total wins of each player you defeated versus the total wins of each player you lost against). It comes down to the number of wins by the players that a player have won against. Note Head-to-Head reapplied after, if this solves the tier for some but not all.
3: Tie-break tournament. (Unless such a tournament would cause lengthy delays for the league)
4: Average turn-speed (Last resort. only if a tie-break tournament fails to resolve the tie, or would take too long to complete)(where a tie-break tournament has resulted in another tie, average turn speed within the tie-break tournament will be used to split the tie)

Anyone can join the league, members and non-members alike, simply by request in the most recent “Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League” forum thread. New players begin in the bottom group or in an expansion group. Promotions from expansion groups depend on numbers within the new groups.

Before the beginning of each season, a summary of the movements will be announced to allow for questions or corrections. The league works most smoothly if those who wish to bow out let the administrator know before the new season begins instead of simply declining to play after the groups have been determined and tournaments begun.

Edited 3/8/2018 20:31:14
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/8/2018 20:30:15

Level 58
History of the league

no. of top finishes
        	Wins	Runner ups
huddyj   	4	1
Hades   	2	0
AI      	2	0
Buns157  	1	1
Arkanton	1	1
gogo2711	1	0
Hunta           1       0
Master Bjarke	0	3
PanagiotisTheGr	0	2
iNsAnE   	0	1
Bonsai  	0	1
Green Turtle	0	1
Juan            0       1

With the ranking not being updated for the last 2 seasons there is much to talk about here.
Season 12 AI won the group with an impressive 6-1 record followed by Juan with a 4-3 record (2-1, 1-0) in tie breakers before Master Bjarke.
In Season 13 Hunta won the top group with an 8-1 record followed by Master Bjarke with a 7-2 record and tie breaker over Baer. Master Bjarke seems to be a consistent competitor for the top spot.

League titles by clan:
Clan            	Total wins
Creative Cloud  	4
Lynx            	3
M'Hunters       	2
[BR] FUDEW      	1
Icelandic Turtles	1
Hydra               	1

With AI winning 2 seasons straight MH moves up to 3rd in all time standings. After that Hydra has also joined this prestigious list of just 6 clans now. Let's see if in this upcoming season another clan will join this list.

List has been updated now as well to represent up to season 13
Name	Number of seasons in A
Master Bjarke   	11
TWOLKER           	8
huddyj           	7
iNsAnE          	7
Gibs            	6
Buns157                 6
mslasm          	6
PanagiotisTheGreekFreak	4
Bonsai          	4
Leo              	4
gogo2711        	4
Lampiao          	4
Hunta           	4
USA biches        	3
BenSeu           	3
rocky1          	3
Arkanton             	3
Hades            	3
Oh noes                 3
AI                      3
Dacian Novac     	2
Pantelas          	2
slejer           	2
smileyleg        	2
Baer                    2
Slats           	1
Pink            	1
Diplomatic Immunity	1
kirdol          	1
slydog384          	1
Philip B         	1
Sultan Kosmitow 	1
Kevin Turner       	1
Aneksen             	1
PhucilliJerry        	1
Super Smoove        	1
DR. Love           	1
Green Turtle            1
Juan                    1
graemes                 1
Private Pabse           1
BlacKnight              1

Edited 3/11/2018 20:03:54
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/8/2018 20:30:21

Level 58
Really Gut Prayer (F)

Removed from league
MikeTheShortOne (B) - too many boots
Hawk’s Eye      (F) - too many boots
Lord Yerouel    (F) - too many boots

Group A (10/10)
Hunta         (A)
Master Bjarke (A)
Baer          (A)
iNsAnE        (A)
AI            (A)
Oh Noes       (A)
Private Pabse (A)
Bonsai        (B)
TWOLKER       (B)
graemes       (B)

Group B (11/10)
Smileyleg     (A)
Lampião       (A)
BlacKnight    (A)
Andersault    (B)
Kevin Turner  (B)
Ameter        (B)
Hasdrubal     (B)
Pantelas      (C)
Matt431       (C)
Octane        (C)
FC Bayern     (C)

Group C (9/10)
Ragnar Lothbrok           (B)
Kryzelfiz                 (B)
Cata Cauda                (C)
Tof                       (C)
JimmyB’stard              (C)
Lew                       (D)
jacob                     (D)
The Royal Canadian Empire (D)
MilesAhead                (E)

Group D (10/10)
Indibob              (C)
MoneyMakingMitch     (C)
mobtrio              (C)
ARand0mPlayer        (D)
KingNorbs            (D)
Weatherman9000 {TJC} (D)
PhucilliJerry        (D)
Etienne              (E)
bigbear              (E)
Suschel              (F)

Group E (10/10)
tomjh            (D)
kitler           (D)
Midazolam        (D)
Sandgroper       (E)
celticfringe     (E)
[ARM]BelSon      (E)
OilSpotter       (E)
wakanarai        (F)
Star of the East (F)
Huizinga         (F)

Group F (10/10)
Soul Survivor               (E)
Bayern München is the best! (E)
Archdruid                   (E)
Iselin                      (F)
Bane                        (F)
TianO                       (F)
Coronel Gavilan             (F)
Noxinator                   (F)
Dimitris_Wingo              (F)
HockeyTrout                 (F)

Group G (13/??)
Belgium Gentleman (F)
FlashTrigger      (new)
SeruM             (new)
hereIgo           (new)
E Masterpierround (new)
Little-Mouse      (new) 
Fluttershy        (new)
BADA              (returning after boot remove)
QuickSilver       (new)
NecessaryEagle    (new)
Roele             (new)
Meldarion         (new)
Nostromo          (new)

Edited 3/16/2018 16:54:17
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/8/2018 20:30:27

Level 58
waitlist for next season:

Edited 3/8/2018 20:37:21
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/9/2018 17:08:34

Level 61
waka, thanks for carrying the SE torch
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/11/2018 20:06:10

Level 58
Group A participation has been updated including seasons 12 and 13 now
Small Earth Promotion/Relegation League Season 14: 3/15/2018 18:15:29

Level 58
join rates so far with 8 more days left before the tournaments start.

Group A 8/10 (Bjarke busy, TWOLKER probably online right now, possibly Bjarke will drop out but no guarantees yet)
Group B 9/11 (sorry has to be that way) (smileyleg last seen 14 days ago and Ameter last seen 22 hours ago, so maybe a drop out)
Group C 7/9 (Jammy last seen 95 days ago and Lew last seen 32 days ago, so probably dropping out both)
Group D 8/10 (indibob last seen 95 days ago and phucillijerry last seen 15 hours ago, so probably 1 drop out as well)
Group E 5/10 (2 declined tournament so dropping out for sure, 1 last seen more then 10 days ago, other 2 seen within last 24 hours, so can increase in drop outs)
Group F 5/10 (no declines yet but players on 5, 3 and 2 days ago last seen and 2 within last 24 hours)
Group G 9 players so far

So looking at this lower end will actually have strong change to go 2 to possibly even 3 groups higher next season with the current join rates.
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