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Unity bug: 3/4/2018 14:36:09

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Level 61

I don't know if this is common but first time I have seen it , essentially you can select the territories of another map (MME here last game I had open prior) , they are invisible until you select them. Anyone else encountered this , it isn't really a problem as they aren't selected with priority over a territory for Battle Islands but only when you click on the places where there is an absence of territory on the map FE all the water ect.
Unity bug: 3/4/2018 14:39:28

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
It came very first when Unity was launched, but got fixed later (I din't see it after it got fixed).

If you're seeing it, go here
Unity bug: 3/4/2018 15:38:27

Level 59
If this is on the standalone, are you using the latest version?
Unity bug: 3/4/2018 16:59:44

Level 60
Yes this still happens on mobile. But its fixed with a restart of the app
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