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You guys ever heard of Eradiate?: 3/2/2018 19:47:00

Level 55
Eradiate is a youtuber who creates A.F.O.E. (Alternate future of Europe) videos. AFOE seems somewhat immature, but there are a few 'mappers' who make incredible content. With a community like warzone, I think you will like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=879UcqbMeN4&list=PL2eqLBhBfKH-nVxRQquqKOTnWR_nczTbo

Anyway, I was so inspired and hooked by his content I decided to base a new map off of his 15th episode. This map will also utilize a few new features, such as a technology tree of sorts, rebels, and cultural tensions, designed to slow down larger empires' growth.

This will be set up assuming the player is playing as the main protagonist / antagonist, Graxum.
You guys ever heard of Eradiate?: 3/18/2018 03:04:36

Warsaw Pact
Level 60
I like the idea :)
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