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Berlin Open 2018 aftermath: 2/23/2018 22:25:29

Level 62
I really enjoyed the weekend! =)
It was a pleasure to meet all of you, to play games with, to talk to you and to share food & beer with you!

We played a 2v2 on Friday night were I sadly got booted in the finals (I thought the game was over due to a WZ outage and went to discuss something for the next day, sry again Timinator), a 3v3 on Saturday where it was really hard not to listen to mod while playing against him and a 1v1 on Sunday.

I actually planned to review the final of the 1v1, but sadly I dont really have time.

This tournament was special, as the map and the template were specifically created for this tournament!
What a luxury!
This was possible due to NinjaNics cool random map generator(https://www.warzone.com/Forum/291055-map-generator-completely-automates-mapmaking).
NN created 3 maps for us, buns+motd chose one and made a template.
You can watch a video of the map creation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTUxHOLYTbE&feature=youtu.be
What makes this special is that no one had an advantage due to map or template knowledge, which in my opinion is quite a factor especially in real-time games.
Krunx fought it out in the final against Adreso and had actually the unfair advantage that inbetween we were able to discuss the template here in Berlin.
And he won a 1-year membership, lucky him!

Congrats to the winners!

2v2: Maik & Shinra

3v3: Melethron, krunx and timi

1v1: krunx

Thanks to:
Fizzer, for creating this game.
Krzychu, alexclusive, Tito, mod, ps, NinjaNic, platinum, motd, Huizinga, buns, wakanarai, trolli
You all individually know what for!
(In case I forgot to mention you here, but you helped out with the Berlin Open I am really sorry. It wouldnt have been possible without you)

See you next year?

PS: To all WZ parents, I am glad you are all responsible! More of us around than I expected. If you have ideas how to make this event family friendly let me know. Would be happy to meet you all as well. For myself I came to the conclusion that its better if you do family holiday, and then hope that your family lets you go to the next WZ Open... =)

ps stream

What ladder fits you?
I really liked the lecture, maybe we should do it on a proper stream again? Last minutes were also the funniest, sad that they arent on video...

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Berlin Open 2018 aftermath: 2/23/2018 23:15:25

Timinator • apex 
Level 66
3v3 was won by Melethron, krunx and me! mod/ps/kezzo didn't even make the finals :P

guess you had a beer to much that evening ;)
Berlin Open 2018 aftermath: 2/23/2018 23:34:19

master of desaster 
Level 66
I liked linbersons version better! Anyways it was a cool event. I'm not sorry at all to have joined that. I can re-do the end of my presentation at some point

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Berlin Open 2018 aftermath: 2/23/2018 23:47:14

Level 60
I had a great time watching the presentations and thanks for inviting me to the tournament :)

Here's to future opens (hopefully that don't involve Warzone crashing 3 times in a row)
Berlin Open 2018 aftermath: 2/25/2018 10:41:11

Level 62
3v3 was won by Melethron, krunx and me! mod/ps/kezzo didn't even make the finals :P

guess you had a beer to much that evening ;)

More like not enough sleep in the last few days. My mistake!

edit: I lost to them, that must be why I thought they won the tournament! =P

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