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map Biomes of Americas: 2/22/2018 20:22:17

Level 59
Can someone explain how to play Biomes of Americas map?

It says read instruction but doesn't make sense. I can't understand what it says there or the table on the map. It showed in a quick match with 0 income start.

Can I have a video shows how to get bonus?
map Biomes of Americas: 2/22/2018 21:01:00

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58

The bonuses on this map are crafted in a way that controlling 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 territories in a bonus will grant different income. You can use the bonus table on the map to tell how much income you will gain or lose for controlling a certain amount of territories in a bonus. Be aware that there are a total of 12 biomes, each with its individual color and income distribution. Bonuses can contain 3,4 or 5 territories in them and accordingly give varying income.

Table gives how much armies the territories will give. What exactly you didn't understand?

i don't have videos, but can give some games examples:

this is team game, but you can see the games to understand how to get bonuses.
map Biomes of Americas: 2/22/2018 21:59:42

Level 62
Try using the +5 reinforcement card in the first turn to secure some income.
Other useful cards are block or gift opponent to get rid of single territories that give you an income penalty.
map Biomes of Americas: 2/23/2018 07:00:02

Level 58
The map uses the same bonus system as Master Mania and Issander's Africa map. For the last one there is a video on how to play it with a bit of different settings but most are very simular.

video is 3,5 hours long but are good games to learn from in general.
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