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Football - England, UK, Europe and beyond?: 2/10/2018 23:27:42

Level 55

OK, bear with me on this one, this is just an idea so far and a very very rough proof of concept.

I am looking for feedback on the idea only, suggestions for testing deciding bonuses etc, and more than that, its final look and feel.

The idea is a 'map' based on football league tables. In a nutshell, anyone in one league division can attack anyone else in that same division. Those promoted/relegated get to attack each other.

There are any number of potential other ideas to add eg:
those teams that met in a cup match can attack each other, even if they are not in the same division
every team has a 'rival' that can attack each other, even if they are not in the same division
every team gets to attack whichever is geographically closest (even if they are not their biggest rival, and not in the same division)

This would ultimately be expanded from, say, the top 5 English divisions to include say those in France, Spain, Germany, Italy etc

Teams in those different countries would rarely be able to attack each other as the only 'borders' would be via 'European Football'

But perhaps winners of respective domestic league cups in each country could attack other such winners around Europe.

Who knows where it would end.

Anyway, I think the more interesting idea would be the shape of the map. Basically, unless you make a boring league list map, then there is no easy way to understand where the borders are.

Therefore I would propose the opposite. Make it hard and confusing. A real test for even the most experienced players.

It would be designed to test footballing knowledge AND geography, ie just spread out the dots in their geographical locations and have the players research themselves where they can attack to/from. Every game would throw up new surprises as players learn that actually there is a backdoor into the Premiership from the National League because Burnley played Lincoln City in the FA Cup etc.

The other option is to maintain the 'league table' map alongside the geographical one as an aid. Personally I am against this, but what would others think?

As it happens, all I have so far is an example of Premiership + Championship in league table format only as I have yet to scatter them over a super-imposed UK map, but hey, this is only a work in progress. It based on the 2016-17 season

Obviously the current state is a shameful mess, but I include it just as a reference to help visualisation:


Thoughts, opinions? Offers of help?
Football - England, UK, Europe and beyond?: 2/11/2018 03:25:08

Level 55
This is very confusing. Is it like a table of squares for leagues, or a map of leagues? People would probably understand what would go on if you made a map of leagues. A description would be nice too.

Idk, I'm not involved in sports a lot, but right now I'm not able to understand this.
Football - England, UK, Europe and beyond?: 2/20/2018 14:58:01

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 40
Perhaps a similar idea to the US football map? Each "team" controls the area they are most popular in, and get a bonus for the main stadium.
Football - England, UK, Europe and beyond?: 2/21/2018 00:48:22

Level 60
You should have territories based off where each team is most popular, and bonuses for rivalries.

Rivalry Examples:

North London (Tottenham/Arsenal)
Real/Athletico Madrid
Manchester United/City
Cross-League Rivalries (Chelsea/Barcelona)

Obviously the top team in each league will have a rivalry too
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