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Sharing a game type - Commander is your hero!: 1/31/2018 17:46:34

Level 57
Hello all!

During my membership in the last month I had the chance to try some map settings involving the commanders.

Here is a fun setup I would like to share with all members of WZ.

I call it "Commander is your hero!".


Link to Template:
(Dont forget to change the players. Me and my friend is included automatically in the players list. If I try to edit the template to change it, then I lose the commander and bomb card. So, now its on you to manage the player list. ;) )

Some example games: (Small changes between each game but majority of settings are the same.)
Game1 - https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=14814209
Game2 - https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=14797020
Game3 - https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=14879282

Here is the introduction text to describe the game type:

Boot time for multiday game:
1 day direct boot

Please read this before you join:

You are a clairvoyant Wizard who can summon minions to fight for you.

You are in one of the corners of a dungeon with full of creeps (4 units on neutral territories). Some of them are strong (7 units on random wastelands). There are 4 other heroes in the map just like you (5 players in total).
You have to be the last man standing if you want to win this game!

There is no specific areas to capture! (=There are no map bonuses and the base income is 2)
You just have to explore and expand in the dungeon!( =For every 2 territory you will get +1)

No luck. No-Luck Cycle and standard attack rates.

You can see the areas you control (=Normal Fog) and with your clairvoyance skill (=Reconnaissance Card) you are also able to see distant spot for 2 turns.

You have some spells at your disposal to fight your enemies:
> Cast Stone
Usage: Emergency Blockade
Cooldown: 2 (pieces)
Effect: Turns your minions into double sized stones to block the selected dungeon spot! (= 2x times of your units)

> Haste
Usage: Order Priority
Cooldown: 4 (pieces)
Effect: Lets you move faster than your enemies!

> Summon
Usage: Reinforcements Card
Cooldown: 4 (pieces)
Effect: Lets you summon 10 extra minions!

> Teleport
Usage: Airlift Card
Cooldown: 5 (pieces)
Effect: You can teleport units around the area that you control!

> Curse
Usage: Sanctions Card
Cooldown: 5 (pieces)
Effect: You can curse other wizards in the dungeon and reduce their minion income to 0.1 for 1 turn!

> Fireball
Usage: Bomb Card
Cooldown: 6 (pieces)
Effect: Kills half of the enemy minions of a territory that you are neighboring!

Whenever a wizard uses a skill or spell, all others can sense it. (=played cards are not hidden)

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Sharing a game type - Commander is your hero!: 2/2/2018 20:24:41

Level 57
No comments so far...

Nobody liked this type? No one wants to create a game like this? ^^

You know, you can always invite me. :D
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