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Is user pain on your radar?: 1/3/2018 14:22:11

Chris deeeep 
Level 57
I recently cracked my screen and was forced to get a new phone.

Before this, I had 1 of 5 devices that could actually play warlight comfortably.

User pain is and always will be priority number one regardless of size.

@ 1 man band level excess user pain means they play your app 1-2 times and go, "it's cool, but to hard to play".

@ billion dollar sofware giant with 10's of thousands of employees they have a team of CRM whose sole existence is to identify user pain and personally hound development managers to fix it ASAP.

It doesn't matter if your talking about your $1 per playerMonth or the $100,000 per month model. User pain will always be #1. If it's not, you will fail.

How many months has it been since you added user pain to your game and have not fixed it? I still and never will be able to load a 3D rendering on a flat scale with 2GB of ram. And I will always own a bottom of the barrel commuter laptop in this category.

Unity seemed like a good move except now you have alienated large segments of your revenue base. Has your participation increased? It's time for a paradigm shift, this time go buy a $150 POS throwaway and bench test your app. Otherwise you better start tweaking your resume!
Is user pain on your radar?: 1/3/2018 14:59:17

Level 62
Speed is a problem and being worked on. For now, the only thing you can do is to play using Firefox 58+ (https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/channel/desktop/), scroll down to Nightly then click on the platform you're using.

Are you using a hard drive disk (HDD) or solid state disk (SSD)? Using a SSD will increase your computer's performance greatly in general.

On desktop, you can switch to the old Flash version of the game, however games that use new Unity features (e.g. mods) wouldn't be supported.

As you are a member, you can download the standalone version of the game. See https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Standalone_Client for details. The standalone app is loads faster than the browser version.

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Is user pain on your radar?: 1/3/2018 19:01:08

Level 59
I bet you're the kind of guy who starts telling a Target manager how the whole company should be run differently when he doesn't honor your expired coupon.

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