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Any Worm fans here?: 12/31/2017 23:55:43

Level 12
Any fans of Worm (by Wildbow) on this forum?


Its a very excellent web serial. Initially looks like a teen drama, turns into Game of Thrones with superpowers.

Yes, I've read the aSoIaF books, and yes, the amount of plots stack up. In fact... There are actually some pretty good parallels between the White Walkers and the final antagonist of Worm.

And unlikely aSoIaF, this series is actually finished. Well... Sorta.
Any Worm fans here?: 1/1/2018 01:18:40

Level 59
If you like Worm, you might also like: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheCryopodToHell/

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Any Worm fans here?: 1/1/2018 08:04:17

Level 60
This is possibly my favorite story, the breadth and depth of the world is impressive.
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