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Looking for the Right Clan: 12/31/2017 00:59:47

Level 55
Hey everyone! I’m looking for a clan to be a part of - mainly for social connectedness and some diplomacy games here and there. I’ve been inactive for the past two years and only really started up again a couple of weeks ago. I’ll continue getting more and more involved as the school year winds down so hopefully the clan has some sort of promotion ladder if that makes sense?

Concerning boot rate, as I understand that most clans have <20% boot rates nowadays, I have a 27.7% boot rate from my younger days on this site and I’ve slowly brought that down from 35% so I’m making progress. I promise to keep bringing it down if you should accept me :)

I made my statistics public so if you wanted to check my profile, that’s always an option. I do play better than my stats suggest, as most of the losses are from learning in my first couple months playing and I’ve been shaking out the rust with some real-time games in the past couple of weeks.

I’m okay with having to do a 1 vs. 1 battle if clan requires that for entry requirements or some sort of initiation test. I am willing to commit in “clan games” as long as they’re multi-day turns.

Cheers for a new beginning and Happy New Year to y’all!
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