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When do YOU give up?: 1/31/2012 18:20:01

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
In games with more than two people, it seems that everyone has a different idea of when they should throw in the towel. I'd like to hear yours, and some thoughts about why.

Personally, I never quit so long as the final outcome is uncertain. I will quit when a single person or team is clearly going to win, but not if there are multiple teams or players that can still win. This is true even if I personally stand no chance of winning. I'll save the why until some other people post theirs, so as not to influence the answers.
When do YOU give up?: 1/31/2012 18:39:47

Level 58
In 1v1, 2v2 etc) I give up if it`s clear that we/I have lost. In ffa I don`t give up because I always have a hope of still winning the game (in small maps) if tha map is large (USA BIG or simelar) I give up if I have no chance of winning myself.
When do YOU give up?: 1/31/2012 18:56:36

Level 28
In FFA i never surrender unless one player has obviously won.

In any game i will offer to surrender when i think the outcome is certain and see if my opponant want me to give them a fight or just give up.
When do YOU give up?: 1/31/2012 19:26:11

Level 37
I usually quit when there's a 0% chance of me winning, or my opponent has 20+ armies per turn more then me.
When do YOU give up?: 1/31/2012 20:45:19

Level 49
In 1v1s, I quit when I feel like it. This varies a lot from game to game.
In FFA's, most of the time I will try to commit suicide by opponent when I think the game is lost for me. I'll have a look at the board and attack the strongest player I can grab with all what's left of my own strength. Then I usually surrender when I can see my annihilation coming within 1-2 turns.
If in a team game the situation is undecided or I see my team winning, I never surrender (and I get mad at people who do this!). If I think we're loosing, then it depends on my position within the team. I will play on if enough players with more income than me want to try some more. I will surrender if it's basically me & some guys with base income against a healthy & strong winning team...
When do YOU give up?: 2/1/2012 05:51:16

Level 8
In any team versus team situations, I assess whether I believe we have more as or equal income and armies to the opponents. If so, never surrender. If much lower, I suggest to my team to surrender. I won't if they don't want to, but I will if several of them have already surrendered.

In small FFA I usually try to team up against the strongest player in which case even with a base income of 5 I'm able to win (if the other weaker players also have similar income). Won't surrender until it's certain nobody wants a truce, or the others already are eliminated/surrendered. In big FFA games it's mostly just about truces. I don't surrender, however, when I'm on the losing side. I merely suicide-rush myself into the person/people that made me lose.
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