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Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 05:56:03

Level 60

Warzone Creator
Season XXXI is coming!

This season will be played using the new Commerce Game setting! In commerce games, you don't get armies directly. Instead, you get gold, and use that gold to buy armies.

This has a few implications: One, you don't need to fully deploy each turn. You can save some gold for the next turn and surprise your opponent by deploying more, or use it as a strategy to confuse your opponent about your income.

Two, you can spend 4 gold to build a city. Cities act like a one-territory bonus of 1, so they will pay for themselves in four turns then start making money for you. To build a city, tap the gold button in the top left corner.

Three, army costs go up as you purchase more armies. The first 10 armies cost 1 gold each, the next 10 cost 2, the next 10 cost 3, etc.

How will these changes impact the strategic 1v1 play? Let's find out! The season begins on Saturday at midnight GMT (Friday evening in the Americas)

Template link: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=1065983

This season is also the first to use the new proposed seasonal ladder rules, which means the season will last for 75 days instead of 60.

Note that since this season uses commerce games, it can only be played in the new Unity client. If you want to participate in the season, but are having technical problems preventing you from being able to use the Unity client, please contact me.

Good luck!!

Edited 12/6/2017 07:47:48
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 06:09:21

Level 60
Hmmm, does anyone have an example game
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 06:18:16

Level 59
Interesting. I always wanted to try out these new commerce games!

it can only be played in the new Unity client

screw me

@Fizzer: I will contact you shortly.
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 06:37:33

master of desaster 
Level 65
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 08:45:37

Level 63
Very good idea promoting commerce games in a seasonal. I am a bit unsure about the map. We have a lot of games and seasonal on this map and maybe it would be a better idea to design a map for these settings.
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 10:28:03

Level 60
Using another map would be a welcome change, I agree. But it looks interesting nonetheless.

Could we please have attack-only, transfer-only and attack by %? It's a ladder. A competitive place. I don't think it should be dumbed down like that.

Edited 12/6/2017 10:29:11
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/6/2017 12:59:25

Level 58
I do not like the idea of commerce games at all ...but
would play it in Seasonal just to test .... but
Can´t play it on Flash platform :( ...and
I assume it wont come to flash
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/8/2017 21:42:01

Level 60
Could we please have attack-only, transfer-only and attack by %? It's a ladder. A competitive place. I don't think it should be dumbed down like that.

Seriously... those are some really basic settings that I don't get how they can be omitted from a template.

Anyway, despite I already retired, I am playing this season. Never played those commerce games before so I'm curious how it'll work. Looking forward to have my ass handed to me by 20 different players. :)
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/9/2017 16:12:48

Level 60
I'm skipping this season solely because of lack of these options.

And I already know I'm not the only one (quoting another player: '[lack of these options] is like a slap to the face").

Edited 12/9/2017 16:13:44
Announcing season XXXI!: 12/11/2017 16:44:50

Level 61
the idea sounds cool, I will give it a shot. Sounds a bit like Catan in that way.

I agree %100 with Rento. Those attack options should be on ALL ladders, period. we have had forum discussions and user voice on this many times. People overwhelmingly want those options.
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