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Opponents getting more picks: 11/28/2017 22:33:10

Level 23
Two questions from a noob......

I've started to play 1v1 Multi Day (Auto Games), at the start of a game I make about six picks, but when the game starts I only ever have three picks, my opponents on the other hand start with five or six picks. Can anyone explain why, because it goes without saying that these games don't last very long.

In all these 1v1 auto games I end up playing players that are level 50+, could these games be made so that you are restricted to playing opponents that are a similar level, say level 1 to level 20, level 21 to level 40, level 41+ for example.
Opponents getting more picks: 11/28/2017 22:36:41

Level 51
Can you link to one of those games? Outside Custom Scenarios and uneven team games, both you and your opponents should have the same number of starts.

Also, don't worry too much about levels. Levels don't grant skill, nor do they really reflect it. But if you want to match with opponents closer to you in skill level, try the new Quickmatch system (you can access it in the Unity client's dashboard).
Opponents getting more picks: 11/28/2017 23:10:31

Rogue NK
Level 59
1. No. That should not happen.

2. Provide us a link so we can stop it.

3. Level means nothing. You can get to level 50 on just lotteries.

4. You can create games so that you only fight people from level x to level y. Where X and y are any number from 1 to 69 and x<y.

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Opponents getting more picks: 11/28/2017 23:12:10

Level 23
Thanks for the reply.......You can ignore the first question, after exploring the options under the menu tab I see I made a mistake and we do start with level picks, it would appear I'm so bad at this game, it just feels as if my opponent starts with 20 more picks than me :-)

If you don't think rank matters then look at this......


Guess which colour I am.....clue......not yellow. :-)

This is how all my games end up......depressing isn't it

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Opponents getting more picks: 11/28/2017 23:20:11

Rogue NK
Level 59
@Merlin106 Despite what people will tell you, you do not always learn more from your losses than your victories.

If you have 100% victories then you aren't learning anything. But if you have 100% losses then you also aren't learning anything.

Knowledge comes from being able to analyse a win and a loss and find out what actions you took during the win that lead to the win and what actions you took during the loss that lead to the loss. If you have no victories then you will never know what works.

If you want to learn fastest then you should play a gametype where you win 50% of the time. You won't learn anything from auto games at this point. Come back to them when you have a few wins under your belt.

Look at open games and join one. Keep joining games at random until you find something that works.

P.S. Auto-games are supposed to be newbie friendly but they are just a training ground for people practicing for the 1v1 ladder. Avoid them for now.

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Opponents getting more picks: 11/29/2017 00:40:19

Level 24
There's plenty of players who started out real bad and then got good or even real good. You can find really weak players at all levels, too, although you're right that players at higher levels tend to be (but often aren't) better.

You can get a lot of help from elite players if you reach out to them. They're willing to teach you some of the basics and even analyze your gameplay. There's also some really helpful guides. If you need help finding players, just let me know (and feel free to invite me to a game too).

Norman's guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NyhCpIQKShAbWGXicO_ph9whV_UyMS-3a7_re0C7R8Y/edit#heading=h.g1s8mzy7wor0
The GG guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B024HXqzvoGCejhhajNFa1ZOVlE/edit
Benjamin628's guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ERn5UL2-K6d5VUmK8zkWA1j1m1GIqPUiHCYmbWBufw4/edit

They cover the same material, so you can just read one or all three if you feel like it. Don't have to read it all at once, of course. There's also some wiki articles for even more condensed tips (https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Basic_Strategy, https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Combat_basics, https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Advanced_Strategy) and finally you can check out the Strategy forum and this old compilation of strategy guides: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/168132-strat-guides.

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Opponents getting more picks: 11/29/2017 16:26:52

Level 23
Many thanks for all the help and advice it's much appreciated.

I tried to create a custom game but when I get to the 'Open Seats' tab, all options are crossed out including the one that I and most newbies would possibly find most useful, and that is 'Player Level'.

I feel that if that option were available from the start we would be able to create custom games so that we could play against others of a similar level, because I don't really want to keep playing against level 50+ players, not yet anyway as before now I've only played Risk on a board, and there is a lot more to this game on the web.
Opponents getting more picks: 11/29/2017 17:11:27

Level 58
You'll have a much easier time reliably getting low-level opponents in Quickmatch. People seem to have the opposite problem there- lots of low levels, not enough high levels early on.
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