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Tips for efficient moves.: 11/25/2017 20:44:15

Level 50
Tips for efficient moves.

While playing on the current Map of the Week - The Known World (A Game of Thrones map) , I have some difficulty when playing a successful (victorious) game. Specifically when my controlled territory becomes very large I find that I don't have enough time to make all the moves that might be useful to continue expanding in to new territories while simultaneously attacking a strong opponent.

It is true that all players are working under the same time constraints, and as such they may be as worried about the clock as you are. Nonetheless if any one has any tips on how to make moves more quickly I imagine many folks besides myself would be interested.

So does any one have some thoughts on the subject?
Tips for efficient moves.: 11/25/2017 20:57:48

Level 60
Hotkeys, hotkeys hotkeys.

So much faster when you use them.
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