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Interface: 11/13/2017 18:06:55

Erate Deight
Level 58
Hello, Just Saying, I Honestly Think The Old Warlight Looked Better Than Warzone, I Miss Just Clicking The Multi-Player Button Once To Get To Get TO My Dashboard.
Interface: 11/13/2017 18:08:00

Level 59
You'll get used to it. I also think a lot of it is still in development.

Favicon breaking for me though :( I think it's just a cache issue but ugly default favicon sucks

Edited 11/13/2017 18:09:07
Interface: 11/13/2017 18:53:35

Level 60
This interface is a hot mess, tbh. Probably the biggest issue.

I'm all in for a change of interface, old WL was never that good. But now it's pretty over-the-top for the forums, and the loading times are quite massive compared to the old one.

And the Favicon... :(

Guess I gotta get used to that. The background is nice other than the olive green color:

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