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Community level creation for special scenarios.: 11/3/2017 18:39:54

Level 13
I'm not even sure if this is the right forum for this, but if not, please feel free to move it or place it elsewhere.

Anyway, i have a special scenario in mind, and i wonder if some things are possible.
It can easily be compared to things like the end fight from the first Avengers movie, but with far more many heroes involved, and a literal swarm of enemies attacking from above.

First, i was thinking of ways to represent that several characters can fly, but that probably works fine with the ... is it called air drop? Air Lift, i think.

Second, some kind of timer is required, and the idea is to be able to hold out until the timer reaches the end, and at first, i wondered if there is any possibility to use a regular timer ... but when i think about it, it isn't needed:
Put a computer-ally in a secluded area, untouchable by the enemy, even, and put in as many areas in a long series, as many as the turns that are required to hol....
Hm, perhaps that doesn't work, as the ally's reinforcements isn't transferred to the player that easily ...
But then one can put a connection between the "timer" and the gameboard that requires essentially The full timer-brought re-inforcements to breach.
The idea is that once the timer is full, the "Timer-Ally" get like 100+ in reinforcements each turn.
After that, there has to be an area that the allied "timer AI"can transfer troops to the player ... but then again, if there isn't, then the Player has failed anyway, i guess.
Hm, perhaps i don't need to ask about that, then.

Third, the Player could have areas that only gives re-inforcements to the Player ... But then again, the Opposing AI or live opponent? would have Air Superiority as a starting area, to give a constant swarm of reinforcements.

Hm, i think i managed to answer my own questions myself, but i think it is interesting ideas and concepts that others could benefit from as well.

Comments and other ideas that goes a bit outside the box are welcome.

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Community level creation for special scenarios.: 11/3/2017 20:23:38

Level 60
It seems your concept is not fully thought out yet. But still, here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. AI don't play AirLifts. So if you want AI's to "attack from the sky" you need to find another way.
2. A simply timer is to give a player a spot with X-armies, surrounded by massive blockade. Then give 1 airlift pice for each turn for. This could also work as reinforcement to players from them self.*

Also, many other levels are using similar 'timer' concept. I know the levels are hard to search. If you don't have it yet, get https://www.warlight.net/Forum/106092-mulis-userscript-tidy-up-dashboard so you can find some good SP levels.

The classical SP level Europe Challenge does this. Find it here: https://www.warlight.net/singleplayer/allbuiltin

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Community level creation for special scenarios.: 11/3/2017 22:07:07

Level 62
You could also play around with the sanction card settings.

Make a 3 player team game.

You are allied with player A, while player B is your enemy.

Give player A the chance to expand into neutrals at the pace of 1 territory each turn for x needed amount of turns.

set a sanction card to 1000 pieces with a negative value. Give slot A player 1000 - x (amount of turns you wanna survive while the ai gets card pieces for you) pieces of a sanction card.

This way, once you complete a sanction card and use it on yourself your income will be increased by the amount you need!
Community level creation for special scenarios.: 11/4/2017 01:38:36

Level 13
Hm, there are a peculiarity here, but i'll get to them later.
First, Thank you for pointing out that AI do not use Airlifts, as even though i was not considering that myself (not directly at least), it is good to have in mind.

Now, i was instead thinking of something like.... AS-O-O-O-O-O-O-X--------
AS is the single area that gives the Opposing AI or Player acess to the massive swarm of reinforcements, O is "buffer areas" to avoid it is taken over with any ease, and X has connections to at least 7 different areas on the actual map.
The Invader starts with armies in AS and X.

It seems i have already played SP Europe Challenge, either on Newgrounds or Armor Wars.
It was interesting to see that the actual Warlight challenges version was slightly different, i think it used commanders.
Yes, it has some things similar to what i have in mind, but it is clearly not the same.
In that level, the allied AI is the one trying to hold out for reinforcements, while the Player is almost as pressed to manage things well enough, and the Airlift additions helps, but not very much, depending on how one plays.
In the Scenario i have in mind the Player can theoretically be down to one army + 5 reinforcments when the "Timer AI" bursts out into the map, and win anyway.
The hard part is supposed to be to not lose until that happens.

Now, the peculiar thing ...
The mulis userscript for firefox needs version 57 ... but Even though it is released, it is still in beta?
Now how the ... does that work?
I know it isn't really a topic for this forum, but it feels like the creator of the mulis userscript has gotten ahead of himself.

Also, the concept is very well thought out, but i am being deliberately vague with the inspiration, for three reasons:
1: It can be used for several different settings and maps, the superhero one is only one possibility, i think the ghosts attacking saurons hordes during the defense of ... was it Minas Tirith? is a possible use of a similar timed massive reinforcements function.
Or it can be for the scenario i have in mind....
Essentially, i like to inspire.
2: I still have no map that i can directly use for making a warlight map, and the place do not seem to be officially mapped out yet either.
At worst, i might have to do something similar to the Hogwarts map(but it would be picturing the place from the side), instead of an actual top-down map that would be preferable.
3: I doubt anyone would take me as seriously if i said it was a scenario connected to a wedding ... ^_^
Community level creation for special scenarios.: 11/5/2017 07:40:39

Level 62
make the scenario and share the link (don't publish it yet).

it's easier to help you out if you give us an idea of how it is supposed to look like!
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