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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Debunking Marxism: 10/30/2017 01:00:17

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Debunking Marxism: 10/30/2017 01:25:07

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How to debunk Marxism:

1) The "inevitable" worker's revolutions never happened in Capitalist countries and therefore Marxism is an improper replacement to Capitalism.

2) The lack of a revolution is a direct result of the ability of the Capitalistic system to provide the workers with high quality of life and happiness.

3) Humans are naturally tribal and will continue to be tribal for the foreseeable future.

4) Communism itself fell prey to tribalism with the Sino-Soviet split, Tito-Soviet Split, ect.

5) The age of factory workers slaving over the hot bench while businessmen look on from an ivory tower is over. Robots will increasingly fill this role making the words "worker" and "proletariat" irrelevant.

6) The boom/bust cycle of Capitalism proved to be far more sustainable than originally predicted by Marxists.

7) Marxism underestimated Capitalism's ability to constantly produce new inventions and business models. These constantly upset the old inventions and old business models and consequently overthrow the old Bourgeoisie that relied on the the old way of doing things.

This leads to incredibly high social mobility and opportunity for the workers and incredibly high quality of life for the consumers who are increasingly the same class as the workers.

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Debunking Marxism: 10/30/2017 02:06:24

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I thought you were a fascist, Paugers. Why are you debunking anti-commie claims?
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