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another one bites the dust. <Blacklist: 1/21/2012 18:18:23

Level 2
I joined a 2v2 with a player named " I rape you mother" and "woods7890"
big mistake. they just went afk, after 10 min i booted them to get the game over with.
another mistake, they turned into AI`s seeing as neither of us on my team wanted a bot game we voted to end the game.

later i saw a game whit the exact same players, i joined to type dont join them, they will just wait for you to boot them and hope you surrender when the AI`s appear.
foolish as i was, i was doing it with my best intentions. they started the game 3v2 three on their team ofcourse. mid game, i found it best to surrender and so did my teamate. they wouldnt accept our surrenders and started to attack their teamate, saying it would be 2v2 soon. after some failed shit throwing i got the third on their team to boot me, seeing as i didnt care to play with them.

i know it may seem like not a big deal, but trust me you do not want to play with them.

link to game, and yes i know im not the greatest player, i started 6 days ago.

another one bites the dust. <Blacklist: 1/21/2012 19:36:15

Level 44
provide link to initial game too, if possible
thank you.
another one bites the dust. <Blacklist: 1/24/2012 05:08:40

Level 59
kinda dumb to join a game in order to type "don't join this game."
another one bites the dust. <Blacklist: 1/24/2012 12:49:40

Level 58
If you join a game only to write in the chat and leave the first mistace has been done... Because when you leave a game (before it starts) your massages (on the chat) are atomaticly removed...

Am I correct?
another one bites the dust. <Blacklist: 1/24/2012 15:43:09

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
I believe you are correct Henns.

Never mind the fact that the whole concept is flawed. Who would intentionally want to be booted so that the AI's could replace them? Would anyone actually surrender to the AI?! I mean, no half-decent player should ever lose to the AI with even numbers...
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