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Game suggestions/Improvements: 10/7/2017 23:49:03

Block head
Level 55
They game creator should add rebel mode. Like when you and others play a game and no one moves for a set number of turns(can be set) one or more lands(also setable) turn into AIs. This would add constant spice to the game.

Of course this mode should be optional with a large range of mobility
Game suggestions/Improvements: 10/7/2017 23:55:29

zażółć gęślą jaźń
Level 57
You can make a mod with such option.
Not really important enough to implement in base game IMO
Game suggestions/Improvements: 10/8/2017 00:03:12

Level 60
Well, you can't ""add"" a AI or player to the game. But if the player/AI is already in the game, you could give them the territory. (@mods)

Given that OP don't have a Membership, I will just tell you to get hyped for unity. ;)
Already quite a few good mods out there.

Edited 10/8/2017 00:03:43
Posts 1 - 3 of 3