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BAD PLAYERS!: 2/3/2014 22:32:02

[GERMAN] Gianni
Level 35
You know if always one player destroyed all the game? You can say this Name in capital letters pls here in the Forum for the other Clans or for blacklisting.
My first Player is UZULIEV.
He booted all players from my game and destroy the "funny" in it from since the beginning!

Player Name is in original Uzuliev.

Plesse comolite and update this page with your comments.

Edited 2/3/2014 22:38:18
BAD PLAYERS!: 2/3/2014 23:09:06

Level 58
(don't think I need an explanation for this one :p)
BAD PLAYERS!: 2/3/2014 23:21:21

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Please stop posting these threads. I will only ever blacklist a player if I have a bad experience with them personally or if I witness a trusted player have a bad experience with them. I don't care what you think about other players. I really couldn't care less and I think most people here would agree with me. Blacklist him, let your clan know and report him if necessary. Just please don't clutter the forum.
BAD PLAYERS!: 2/3/2014 23:35:15

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
BTW: Golden rule: Post the link to the game, or it didn't happen..
BAD PLAYERS!: 2/4/2014 01:13:57

[GERMAN] Gianni
Level 35
I am mobil online and cant copie the link, thats the Problem....
And sorry that i would do a list off nad players, thats wrong likes the police in a state right?

Edited 2/4/2014 01:20:48
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