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Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 09:17:26

Level 59
I like the removal tool on friendlist, but why there is no similar tool for blacklist. Secondly would it not be wise to use playerID instead or aside of name. Every second troll is anyway a name-changer.

I share my friends, but I share blacklisted players much more. But this is just dumb to copy 300+ names and either start searching their ID through search player or click on each link and copy the ID.

I assume some tech geek could easily make a tool to get all players from my list decoded to playerID, but still other party would need to blacklist each and one of them.

I know we have a uservoice, but it hardly is any helpful. Hopefully this idea gets persons, who might develop it.

Objective: Shared friend/blacklists
Alternative: a script that would make a output of Friend/blacklists as clickable links so one could easily, and fast enough to click on profile and Friend/Block him. But still Blacklist removal tool would be cool - I surely know I got some 600-days inactive players there.

If you say no to this, you are a obvious Troll.
Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 10:47:15

Level 62
I'm not a tech geek, but your request is relatively easy for me. I'll try to finish it by the end of today.
I don't see any difference between the remove friend and remove blacklist tools.
Do you want playerIDs to appear on the friends list and blacklist?
I'm not really sure by what you mean about the players that are 600-days+ inactive. Do you want them to be removed from your friends list or blacklist or both?

To search by id, use ctrl + f when I add the player ids next to the player's name.

I have tried to automatically copy things onto the clipboard before but without complete success. The best I can do is to put the player links/ids in a box and whenever you click in the box, the text is selected.

Edit: what do you want the script to be called?

Edited 10/1/2017 10:50:26
Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 11:22:23

Level 59
I would prefer to see players name, but my main concern at moment is that I am not able at all to share my blacklist. Its too much work to copy name, search name, click name and blacklist. Also taking account numerous same-named players.

1. Best solution would be to get and output as player-profile links so I can simply send them with mail in WL. This would allow anyone to click and blackist. Easy enough do with with even few hundred names.

If thats not possible ->

2. Turn player names to ID-s under blacklist/friendlist view so I can just copy the ID-s. That would also simply the work.

At moment we only have removal tool for friendlist, I would very much like to use same thing for blacklist. I mean similarly I would be able to tell: 'remove player who has been inactive for 365-days' from my blacklist, because I do not see any reasons overwhelm my list, especially if I want to share it with some-one.

scrip name: troll_hammer

If thats easy, and if you are willing to put your time into it, I would be very glad.

Comment: I can copy a link address, but not geek enough to know how to do that for a whole list.
Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 15:17:54

Level 48
Lol triggered
Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 18:20:29

Level 38
I do see a remove option next to the blacklisted players, not sure if that is what you're mentioning.

Sharing blacklist option maybe good, but not a big concern- since with names it is easy to find that person.
Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 21:37:42

Level 62
So far, I've added the ability to easily copy:

  • Blacklisted player links and ids
  • Friend player links and ids

I've also made it possible to add player to your blacklist in bulk without removing which players you have already got on your blacklist - this can only be done on player profiles.
I'll probably add a bulk add friends tool sometime this week.

Script link - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/33699-troll-hammer.

You can't bulk add players to your blacklist on your own profile successfully - it has to be on someone else's profile page.

Edited 10/1/2017 21:50:31
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Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/1/2017 23:14:33

Level 61
the spirit of the game

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Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/2/2017 07:18:20

Level 62

Adding in bulk is antithetical to the spirit of the game

Isn't it 'bad' to recommend who blacklist or to even add the blacklist feature? It's easy to check who your blacklisting if you go onto your private notes of an account and replace the player id with another player id.
If someone recommended who to blacklist, wouldn't it be convenient to blacklist those players all at once?
Blacklist removal tool with share function: 10/2/2017 09:48:04

Level 59
Exactly DanWL. And I am not posting my list to everyone: "Hey here are 400 players from my blacklist - you should blacklist them do". Its just for others, who know me, and know how and why I blacklist.

@Megamind - I do really have 400 players, 50% of them have notes, why. But as I described in my first post. ITs just ridiculous to click on each profile, and then copy the link to message.

Thanks DanWL! I did not expect this thread to get me any results. Got off more what I wanted. Thanks again - it works perfectly. Safe playing for my friend now :)

Edited: tested and Thanks to DanWL!

Edited 10/2/2017 09:54:16
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