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Copy and Image as a map: 9/13/2017 17:38:18

The Shimazu Clan
Level 55
Is there an easy way to turn an image with territories already drawn into a map without you having to hand drawl over it. The map has 1200 territories.
Copy and Image as a map: 9/13/2017 18:16:35

Level 56
If it is a vector image with premade territories, yes. The only thing you then have to do is open it in Inkscape or Illustrator or another vector program, and give each territory a territory number (there might still be extensions around that can do that).

I think you'll have a hard time finding such a vector image, though. Most Wikimedia Commons maps are vector images, but I don't think they often have premade territories.

So, in theory, yes, but it heavily depends on the map.

Also, you'd still have to enter all bonus links, all territory names, all bonuses and all connections. In a map with 1200 territories, that will be much more work than the drawing ever is.
Copy and Image as a map: 9/13/2017 20:31:11

Level 53

Also I personally consider the drawing to be the least tedious part of mapmaking.
Copy and Image as a map: 9/13/2017 20:48:21

Level 61
Could use inkscape's 'trace bitmap' function and fiddle around with that, but it's hard to get it to work and definitely not possible for most images
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