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Warlight Inkscape Plugins: 9/1/2017 22:53:07

Level 35
I've recently made a few maps and I heard there are plugins which can be used to speed up the process such as giving the territories ids automatically and even creating the connections between territories. I found a link to the download however the file has been removed. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can download the plugin?
Warlight Inkscape Plugins: 9/1/2017 23:47:00

Level 54
I wasn't focusing on the title so at first it looked like "Warscape Inklight Plugins" and I was like "WTF" lol

I think if you dig around the forums or just search for it you can find some. Use google too maybe lul
Warlight Inkscape Plugins: 9/2/2017 08:48:40

Level 56
There have been previous threads about this, and as far as I know, the automatic territory namer is sadly gone. So far, no one seems to have it saved somewhere. It was quite useful.

I know there are still some people on here who have automated the map making process, but they all did so individually, I think, rather than using the (now obsolete) links on the wiki.

The only one I can think up right now is NinjaNic, who wrote a lot of plugins and tools (and once made an entire automated map, the infamous bubble wrap). You can try to shoot him a message.
Warlight Inkscape Plugins: 9/2/2017 09:50:18

Level 53
if you can't find anything, there is a semi-automatic way to do it using just inkscape, it just takes a teeny tiny bit longer:

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