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New Map in the style of Troll's Europe: 2/1/2014 19:26:08

Level 19
Today, I finished another map I've been working for awhile on: Arabian Peninsula: http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=14172! My goal is for this map to play as similarly as possible as Troll's Europe. I'm very excited about this, and I think this map has the potential to become a very widely used map!

I'm still working on balance right now, so I'd like to play a few test games to see what needs improving. If you're interested, let me know!

I'm looking forward to sharing this map with the community! As always, any feedback is more than welcomed.


Edited 2/1/2014 19:32:49
New Map in the style of Troll's Europe: 2/2/2014 04:00:08

Level 61
Cool map, I think you need to add connections between Hadhramut to Bari and Taizz to Tadjoruh, but other than that it looks great. I would definately play on it.
New Map in the style of Troll's Europe: 2/2/2014 07:45:47

Level 55
Proportionality of territory size is the only questionable part: http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Map_guidelines
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