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Multi-day Tournament Banked Time - Request: 8/30/2017 07:21:16

Level 61
Greetings, all!

I checked all threads and also how it is implemented in some games shown as "there should be the way to have banked time as some tournaments use it", and I only found one conclusion - banked time cannot be used in multi-day tournaments. Banked time in template is overridden when you are asked for the boot time settings in tournament.

There is a way to use it in Real Time Tournaments, but it is fixed to 5 minutes total without a way to raise it in the game.

However, as I was going to try something new, I am eager to see the banked time implementation in the tournaments. My idea is to create some faster games (up to 2 days/turn), but would like to allow weekenders enough time to do their moves without need to use vacations.

Tournaments with banked time should have benefits from both - extended time and % of banked time rise per turn.
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