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Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/27/2017 15:12:23

Level 31

That West China triple pick hurt. I lost the game turn 3 for all intents and purposes. I did eventually turn it into a lengthy comeback that resulted in me winning in 20 turns, but I really wouldn't say I won the game so much as he threw away his winning position, I had no chance after turn 3 unless he allowed me to win.

My question therefore is what other people would have done differently turns 1-3 to avoid that situation. I don't really feel I made any blatant mistakes.

Turn 1 was a wrong guess, but I don't believe it was the wrong move. The ftb was more likely to be picked than what he did have, so countering it seems sane.

Turn 2 was obviously perfect given how I played turn 1.

Turn 3 is trickier. In hindsight, I could have won the game after turn 3 if I'd rearranged my orders and added 1 more delay, but I'm not sure that either of those moves would have been the "right" move. The delay seemed unoptimal incase I could attack Greenland turn 4.

Flipping my last two orders is questionable as well because there was a decent chance he could have been in West Africa.

Past turn 3 hardly interests me, it's just me making lemonade out of lemons. I'd prefer to not get stuck with lemons rather than perfect my lemonade making skills.

Edited 8/27/2017 15:14:18
Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/27/2017 15:26:29

master of desaster 
Level 65
You linked a profile and not a game link.

Antarctica, australia and indonesia can be another very strong triplepick
Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/27/2017 18:56:10

Level 31

I'm good at linking the right things. So good that I usually get it on the second attempt.
Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/27/2017 20:38:48

Level 68
Could have all been avoided if you moved central Russia warlord to the right territory turn 1
Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/27/2017 22:23:41

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
+1 buns.

also the blind counter to CA could've been smaller for more flexibility turn 2
Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/28/2017 08:37:50

Toua Tokuchi
Level 54
Also, always better to pick East Russia ahead of Central Russia if the warlord in the former allows its completion in two turns.

It automatically solves the China Triple problem(in most cases).
Painful/Unexpected Triple Picks: 8/29/2017 18:05:54

Level 31
Yeah, not sure how I overlooked moving East in CR to check/monitor Caucasus. Just seemed unthinkable to me that he'd be there I suppose so I didn't give it as much thought as it merited.
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