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Looking for a clan 3v3: 8/12/2017 16:49:01

Level 57
Looking for a clan that focuses on team play rather than 1v1s. Preferably, I'd like to join someone who can help tutor on the 3v3 ladder template. I mostly play RT but will start MD when I unlock the ladder. Any suggestions appreciated
Looking for a clan 3v3: 8/12/2017 19:00:06

Level 55
Here's my clan suggestions for this one
Divided We Fall
Lu Fredd
You can choose one if you are interested and that's all the clans that I know that is active in playing Team Games,Poon Squad is also recommendable too but that clan is slowing dying due to Pooncrew and Queefballs are semi-retired so that's all that I suggest
Edit:You need to improve your 2V2 win rate so you can join one of those clans

Edited 8/12/2017 19:08:52
Looking for a clan 3v3: 8/12/2017 21:36:40

Level 58
try NWO, we mostly team games orientated. We also have a very good mix between RT and MD games. Some members only play RT but we often have MD tournaments based on ladder templates to practice, we also analyze the game afterwards. Feel free to check out our clanpage, there's instructions on how you can apply.
Looking for a clan 3v3: 8/13/2017 03:54:08

Level 58
I hear [20] is big on 3v3
Looking for a clan 3v3: 8/13/2017 15:46:48

It is Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
Level 5
101st, Apprentice and GGr are clans meant for training(for any template) and you can join these to get good too(overall).

There are many clans who have members getting #1 on 3v3 ladder and all of them are your possibilities.
Looking for a clan 3v3: 8/13/2017 16:49:44

Level 54
Mongols is good 3v3 clan. We will train you to be at a high tier of gameplay.
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