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FCC Mishap: 8/10/2017 19:09:20

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
As some may know, recently, most of FCC's members were removed from the clan. There was a mishap which has since been resolved. We would like to invite any former FCC members to be welcomed back into the FCC community. Many leadership changes will be taking place to ensure that the clan runs smoothly and stays retains the presence and reputation it currently holds in the Warlight community as an active and well-playing group of players just looking to have fun and grow with the rest of the members of this great community. We also take this time to invite anyone who was not a former member to join us in bringing new ideas and gameplay to the Warlight community, and to join our great group of active players here in the Fifth Column Confederation.

Thank you very much Warlight community for all the support over time. Good luck to all and have a nice day.
FCC Mishap: 8/10/2017 19:23:38

Mogagazuboroso kusaremagurobaromi
Level 48
FCC Mishap: 8/10/2017 21:16:27

Level 59
Good luck on the rebuild FCC, hope all goes well.
FCC Mishap: 8/11/2017 01:53:00

Master Turtle 
Level 62
This belongs in Clans forums
FCC Mishap: 8/19/2017 09:21:15

Prince Louis of Anastoria
Level 41
and there it is in the correct section of the forums nothing wrong @master turtle.
FCC Mishap: 8/19/2017 12:23:43

Emperor Justinian
Level 49
Could I get back in?
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