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The German Holocaust was real: 8/6/2017 20:37:00

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These are pictures of the German population before and after the fall of the 3rd Reich. Places colored in blue are German majority areas. Additionally, in 1914 Germans made up 1.5 percent of the population of the Soviet Union. Catherine ll is the most common example of a "Volga German". During WW2 these germans were rounded up and forced to work in labor camps.

In the aftermath of WW2 Germans were killed, raped, and thrown from their homes by the soviets simply because they lived in historic German lands. Why isn't this humanitarian catastrophe as commonly discussed as the Jewish one?

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The German Holocaust was real: 8/6/2017 20:38:39

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Because the Germans lost

The good guy always wins, because the winner always gets to be the good guy

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The German Holocaust was real: 8/6/2017 22:37:14

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germany got what it deserved
The German Holocaust was real: 8/6/2017 23:09:43

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Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

Sir John Harington, Epigrams

Whether it is apt to say that general the lack of familiarity, with the number of deaths during the post war period, as well as the colossal forced migration of the German people of the east, in wake of the evacuations in the face of the advance of the Red Army, is due some nefarious motive is questionable.

Even so there is an ignorance of history, that is sometimes surprising.

In high school I was aware of the changes to the boarders of Germany and Poland. What that meant to the people in the effected areas was not discussed in any detail, though my teacher did mention the brutality of Red Army.

Did this ethnic cleansing merit being called an act of genocide? An argument could be made, that it deserved to be called a genocide. By the U.N. definition the destruction of a people need not be in whole even in the conception of those dealing out the abuse. The consequences were atrocious. That much is clear.

The German Federal Republic (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) has sponsored a number of studies which looked to quantify the number of people who died during the migration and during its aftermath. The estimates as to total casualties vary. They number in various accountings between 2 million and 500 thousand.

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rm-douglas/expulsion-germans-forced-migration_b_1625437.html

Though it does not excuse the actions of the allies it is well to remember that these acts had their context.

Link: http://www.projectinposterum.org/docs/poland_WWII_casualties.html

In the Huffington Post article (written by R.M. Douglas author of Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War) the reaction of U.S. Senators as well as George Orwell are noted. They were appalled.

In the United States, senators demanded to know when the Atlantic Charter, a statement of Anglo-American war aims that affirmed the two countries’ opposition to “territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the people concerned” had been repealed. George Orwell, denouncing Churchill’s proposal as an “enormous crime,” took comfort in the reflection that so extreme a policy “cannot actually be carried through, though it might be started, with confusion, suffering and the sowing of irreconcilable hatreds as the result.”

Orwell greatly underestimated both the determination and the ambition of the Allied leaders’ plans...

Some of the same camps used to destroy Jews, Poles, and so many others were subsequently put to a new use.

From the beginning, this mass displacement was accomplished largely by state-sponsored violence and terror. In Poland and Czechoslovakia, hundreds of thousands of detainees were herded into camps — often, like Auschwitz I or Theresienstadt, former Nazi concentration camps kept in operation for years after the war and put to a new purpose.

The regime for prisoners in many of these facilities was brutal, as Red Cross officials recorded, with beatings, rapes of female inmates, gruelling forced labour and starvation diets of 500-800 calories the order of the day. In violation of rarely-applied rules exempting the young from detention, children routinely were incarcerated, either alongside their parents or in designated children’s camps. As the British Embassy in Belgrade reported in 1946, conditions for Germans “seem well down to Dachau standards.”

Though the death rates in the camps were often frighteningly high — 2,227 inmates of the MysÅ‚owice facility in southern Poland alone perished in the last ten months of 1945 — most of the mortality associated with the expulsions occurred outside them.

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The German Holocaust was real: 8/6/2017 23:13:33

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Germany got what it deserved.

Did the thousands of children also deserve what they got when they died?
The German Holocaust was real: 8/7/2017 03:59:26

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germany got what it deserved

"An eye for an eye and the world goes blind"

Although the barbarities made to German civilians and soldiers after the war don't really come to the level of german attrocities of war, no one deserves to get treated that way.

These crimes were often overlook to keep the allies on the good, clean side. The same can be told about the American actions against Japanese civilians in the pacific theatre.

You gotta look things the way they were, the Red Army in particular made terrible things, the footmen had (understandably) particular ennemity towards germans, officers often turned blind eyes, and at the top, Stalin was the worse. He sent out Russian innocents to the Gulag, imagine what happened to Germans, considered ennemies?

The relocations were done in-masse, and as the USSR annexed parts of poland, it relocated polish people to areas previously german, and thus moved germans further west.

Mass soviet relocations in the East were attrocities, it's a shame we forget important parts of history like these, that's the best way to make the same mistakes...
The German Holocaust was real: 8/7/2017 07:57:01

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WW2 was an insane slaughterfest, period.
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