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Trump law enforcement speech: 7/31/2017 16:50:52

Magical Kirby
Level 21

Donald Trump suggests that police shouldn't be "too nice" to suspects and should stop shielding detainees' heads when guiding them into police vehicles.

What is your opinion on that segment of the speech? Do you think that Donald Trump is possibly encouraging police to abuse their power?

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Trump law enforcement speech: 7/31/2017 16:59:28

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
Police in USA is way too far polite, no one is taking them serious at this stage, i agree with him on this.
Trump law enforcement speech: 7/31/2017 20:25:00

Level 50
no one is taking them [the police] seriously...

I knew a fellow who thought this way, until the day came when he was arrested, he then developed a new philosophy regarding the police.

Is the president encouraging the police to abuse their power?

Yes that is precisely what he is doing.

When the police in the United States are polite, it is not a sign that they are weak, it is a sign that they are professionals.
Trump law enforcement speech: 7/31/2017 23:38:34

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Firearms are very scary and dangerous (Nancy Pelosi knows the truth about this) especially guns with, in Nancy Pelosi's words, "that thing that goes up."

The British Police have it figured out, just watch this video:


They handled this situation like a true civilized country.
Trump law enforcement speech: 8/1/2017 00:59:06

Level 56
coproaches are terrorists of their own kind.
Trump law enforcement speech: 8/1/2017 02:24:58

Level 50
The British may be waking up.

They have begun to arm their police.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArZ1cH3bIKw

When the Metropolitan police of Greater London were established, in 1829 by Robert Peel, the English were suspicious of the idea of an armed police force. The fear that such a force could be used to suppress political protest or be used in other mischief was well founded.

It was recognized that for policing to be effective the willing cooperation of the people was a necessity. The use of a minimum of force was part of a larger strategy to gain that cooperation. However when a large group of people arrive, who not only do not consider themselves a part of the community that they live amongst but who view them as enemies, any hope of cooperation or of not needing the ability to do great violence is ludicrous.

The IRA used to call in warnings that a bomb had been placed, because they had some notion that some day the conflict would end. These new Muslim terrorists have a different vision.
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