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Question of respect !!!: 1/6/2012 21:02:28

Ben the Beast 
Level 3
Shall I report players that insult with "f" you after a lost game without saying anything else ?

Question of respect !!!: 1/6/2012 21:23:41

Level 50
I don't think you should report him, since he hasn't really done anything wrong. But, if you don't want to play with him anymore, what I can agree with, just blacklist the guy and you won't see him again.
Question of respect !!!: 1/7/2012 04:25:30

bad buzz
Level 30
I have often played horton and i find him very pleasant and eas to talk to. This one outburst should not be held against him because he is normally very nice and full of advice!
Question of respect !!!: 1/7/2012 05:17:21

Level 55
Yea, i play with horsten too, and i find him pretty nice, i'm not sure what happened in this game though. I say let him go for now, and if he still acts like this in the future, then you can report him i guess.
Question of respect !!!: 1/7/2012 08:10:19

Level 3
you gotta be kidding??
he wrote "f you" - maybe, you have a vivid imagination and think badly of the man?
F could stand for many things. "Fank you" "Forgive you" "fondle you"

Do me a favour and Blacklist me and anyone that reads this post you can blacklist me too. This is an F_ing Game for F's sake, take it as it is, a bit of fun and pretend war :-)

Anyone that has a sense of humour is more than welcome to add me to the invite list :S

Any who, choose whichever meaning you want and "GO F YOURSELF"
Question of respect !!!: 1/7/2012 11:22:34

Level 54
it cant be Vank you cause its written with V
Question of respect !!!: 1/7/2012 11:31:41

Level 16
Go forgive yourself... yeah right...

Seriously, I think we can all agree what Horsten meant by *f*, which is rude and uncalled for, but not really something to report.
It would be if he had (repeatedly) insulted you. This was probably just a little outburst of frustration over losing.

As for Rebojones, seeing this topic was made by someone who felt insulted by a mere letter, your post is tactless at best...
Question of respect !!!: 1/7/2012 11:49:17

Level 3
|>.|>As for Rebojones, seeing this topic was made by someone who felt insulted by a mere letter, your post is tactless at best...

Please oh please blacklist me, as I would rather not come across your humourless self at any game I choose to create!!

Reality check - this is game. People will lose their tempers (it happens). Of course there are some things that can be said that transcend decency and are very hurtful.
BUT - 1. they are ONLY words
2. in some case only letters :P

again I apologize for repeating myself, but blacklist me please!!!
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