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Want to join a clan:): 7/26/2017 23:22:02

Level 59
not much a talker, semi-active, new on ladders/clan/leagues, 100% strategy player
used to play realtimegames for last year but i got jeallous of my bestfriend and wanna climb on some ladders and join a good clan to:P
suggestions or invite appreciated:)
*should the clan have a good leader that keep's the clan active for feeling being part of a clan:)
#notdeadclans PLS:)

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Want to join a clan:): 7/27/2017 00:31:00

Zack Fair
Level 58

These are the clan league clans. Almost all of them take applications.

Go Here (https://www.warlight.net/Clans/List) to look up what each clan in the clan league is about and how to apply to each individual clan.

Its hard to gauge what clan you should join as nobody knows how good you are. Your best bet is to do your own research using the materials I gave you, and apply to clans you think you can get into and are a good fit for you. FYI, your high boot percentage is def going to keep you out of some clans. Best of luck!
Want to join a clan:): 7/27/2017 01:19:06

Level 55
Here's one of the clans that you might join in

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Want to join a clan:): 7/27/2017 02:05:23

It is Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
Level 5
There are many strategic clans apart from those participating in CL(see Edge's clan rankings). And if you're looking for training for ladder(s), 101st, Apprentice and GGr are opt clans.
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