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ENDLESS DIPLOMACY: 7/23/2017 03:29:00

King Leonidas 
Level 58
ok so i am starting this new type of diplomacy which is an endless diplomacy game

so it will start off with a simple diplo with set rules in it on the european nations map

each diplo will end by 2 ways ( 1. it reaches a certain turn limit ) or ( 2. a set number of players are left in the game )

the first diplomacy game will end when 10 players are left

after the game ends i will make a new one which will pick up where the old one left off ( but i will add more slots like rebellions or vassals into the scenerio ) and i will also have set alliances at the beginning

this will require 39 players to begin ( including me thats 40 slots )

the order of which you pick which slot you want will be randomly determined ( dont worry i wont cheat anyone out )

if you wish to join please state so and hopefully this will be a good series

if you cant play a game of diplo either find someone to replace you or let me know so i can replace you

ENDLESS DIPLOMACY: 7/23/2017 11:13:51

[NL] Lord Jayko Targaryen
Level 61
That sounds very interesting, you can count me in as Germany or Britain!
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