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Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/19/2017 08:52:17

Level 61
Territory selection is very important, and giving the priority solely according to luck is unacceptable, especially that many people , dear friend "Rokkhenin" for example blame their defeat on the bad luck distribution of the computer, and in many times they are right.

What about this system of "2 degrees of selection" :

I- Percentage modifier

II- Army sacrifice

e.g.:1- you have 100% multiplier for each selection and compare the two selection according to the multiplier,
2- If the multiplier, is equal then you can sacrifice a number of your armies supplies for that selection.

I- Percentage modifier Example:( first degree selection).

Player "A" wants territory "1" very very much, and territory "2 " very much so he gives his proposals as : Territory " 1" 80% Territory "2" 20%.

Player "B" wants territory "1" very very very much and wants territory "2" less much so he gives his proposals as " Territory "1" 99% Territory "2" 1%.

so player "A" takes territory "1" and player "B" takes territory "2".

II- Army selection Example: ( second degree selection)

Player "A" wants territory "1" very, very, very much and gives it the Whole 100%, and suspects that player "B" will do the same!!!!

he can submit his proposal as " Territory " 1" + 100% + 1 army ( 1 army will be deducted).
e.g. instead of getting 5 armies supply, he will get 4 armies supply.
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/19/2017 11:11:00

Level 62
Sounds like https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Manual_Distribution. You should use the manual distribution instead of automatic.
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/19/2017 11:54:10

Level 68
DanWL I dont think you read what he typed...

While this idea tries to reduce luck further I dont think its worth it. It complicates the game further when random chance in pick order is okay.

Also fizzer is trying to make it easier for new players to get into so it wont happen.
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/19/2017 14:12:24

Level 49
By making a mod (when unity is out, unless you get a M to play the alpah) you can have whatever rule you want determine Territory selection.
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/21/2017 06:31:04

Level 61
Buns 57,

I agree with you in terms of complicating the game, but I see that it worth it .


1- Sometimes this sole bad luck is the cause of win or lose.

2- It's not a difficult complication.

thank you.
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/21/2017 06:32:22

Level 61
The little helper:

I'am sorry , I cannot understand, can you elucidate what you have said
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/21/2017 08:41:37

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
If you do not know, Fizzer (game's creator) is switching the game engine from Flash to Unity. This has the advantage of allowing mods, which means you can create a mod to do just this. You will have to either get a membership to play alpha, or wait until it is officially released.
Suggestion """Territory selection""": 7/29/2017 13:45:42

Level 61
Dear Cowboy,

I' am not speaking about my ability to change mods, in a selected game, I mean that this should be the way of selection in general.

In many of the games, at least 20%, the advantage of selection priority is tangible; in the "warlight wikipedia" they say "it's a slight advantage" , but no it's not a slight advantage, it's moderate advantage, especially when the contestants are close.
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