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NEW FUTURE SCENARIO!!!: 7/12/2017 20:13:37

Dark Invader
Level 55
Hi guys I have this new idea for this future scenario but I am unsure about the balance of power/bonuses' wort/etc.

Here it is:

It all started when Russia invaded Alaska.

Russia has invaded and conquered Alaska and Finland and is now preparing to invade the rest of Eurasia. Canada has offered the US support, setting up large armies in territories bordering the Russian-occupied Alaska and helping US set up a naval defense fleet in Washington state in case of an attack there.

Mongolia has attempted to join the Russian Empire, however it is overrun by China, who is now preparing to go to war with Russia. Chinese troops clearly outnumber the Russians, but China and Chinese-occupied Mongolia are engaged in a civil war with the West being anti-Communist and the East being pro-Communist. North China is mostly a static front, but West China makes advances in the South. With the capture of Beijing by the West, the remaining pro-Communist territory becomes part of North Korea. North Korea then invades and conquers South Korea, declaring itself the new "Korean Empire".

Inspired by the successful Communist invasion of South Korea, Communist Cuba attempts to invade the US and Central America. They eventually conquer Mexico, the Caribbean, and most of Central America, but they fail to advance past Florida in the US. Communist leaders take control in Brazil and Argentina, and invade most of South America, even daring to advance into West Africa.

Terrorist cells have taken control of the Middle East and manage to steal all the world's nuclear weapons. However, after an attempt to launch them goes wrong, the whole of the Middle East explodes, becoming a wasteland. Fortunately, this also destroys all of the world's nuclear weapons and most of the evil terrorists, although three planes filled with the villains, one to Austria, one to Japan, and one to Algeria escape.

The escaped terrorists become fascist leaders, racking up support and eventually leading successful revolutions that enable them to rule their countries (Austria, Japan, and Algeria). They agree to become allies, then invade their neighbors. (Austria and Algeria invade their land neighbors, and Japan invades South Asia, Taiwan, and most of the islands in the Pacific, including Guam and Hawaii.)

The entirety of the British Royal Family is killed in a bombing at a public event. The prime minister is also killed. The new prime minister elected also assumes the role of military dictator, and promises to avenge the Royal Family by bringing back the British Empire - invading the former British territories of Canada (who is too busy in the West to defend), India, and other territories in East Africa. South Africa and New Zealand join willingly, also conquering neighboring countries for Britain (New Zealand mainly invades Australia).

With now four evil powers/alliances threatening the planet, and the superpowers known to defend smaller countries distracted (USA has Cuba, Japan, and Russia invading it; China lost land and has to face both Russia and the Korean Empire; Many European powers have been invaded by either the new British Empire or Austria; etc.), many of the remaining countries merge themselves into Republics and ally together in the new Allies/UN: The Scandinavian European Republic, The Southern Asian Republic, etc. In this unusual 5-way war, who will win?


Come up with a scenario for this with appropriate troop/income guidelines, please.
NEW FUTURE SCENARIO!!!: 7/12/2017 20:45:49

Cata Cauda
Level 59
What the fuck is this?
NEW FUTURE SCENARIO!!!: 7/18/2017 14:50:27

Emperor Justinian
Level 49
If this didn't sound like so many other diplos I would do it. Also it is stupid.
NEW FUTURE SCENARIO!!!: 7/19/2017 16:01:30

Level 56
NEW FUTURE SCENARIO!!!: 7/20/2017 15:18:07

ıʇnpp∀ ǝɥʇ ןǝssıℲ
Level 19
JS0223, tl;dr.
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