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Tattoos: 6/15/2017 15:52:02

Venus Angelic
Level 57
Simple question: would you get a tattoo? Why or why not?

If yes then where would you get it? :) I would consider getting a tattoo but I don't like the idea of permanently marking my skin, period.
Tattoos: 6/15/2017 16:34:48

Level 55
Tattoos are gross.
Tattoos: 6/15/2017 16:40:57

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
Tattoos: 6/15/2017 16:45:58

Level 53
I like tattoos-mostly put temporary ones, which are washed away in 2 days or so. I put cartoon, anime characters mostly.
Tattoos: 6/15/2017 16:46:25

Level 61
The thought has crossed my mind in the past and I was always doubtful of wanting it to be publicly visible. So if I had to get one I'd go for the side of my left leg.

But ya I wouldn't get one. It's something I might enjoy for a few years but after a while it'd just be a reminder of what a twat I was imo.

It's kinda like a slave or cattle mark in someways
Tattoos: 6/15/2017 18:39:40

Dexterous Strategist
Level 27
Tattoos are disgusting, I've seen how it looks on old people, their skin plus the tattoo on it is just so ugly.
Tattoos: 6/20/2017 12:22:31

Emperor Justinian
Level 50
Tattoos: 6/20/2017 19:14:25

Level 58
it'd just be a reminder of what a twat I was imo.

this. Paugers should probably recite this every day right after he recites his aspiera thing.
Tattoos: 6/20/2017 19:42:27

Cata Cauda
Level 59
I don't have a tatoo yet, but I am thinking of getting one maybe in the future.

I would definetely not display my personal or politcal opinion on it though. I really don't wanna get hunted down by some groups or a future authoritarian goverment because I have a tatoo that doesn't support their cause.
A tatoo displaying a loved one or simply their name is a lovely idea too but a no-go too. Who knows when you are gonna break up with them?
If I get a tatoo it will have a neutral message and only contain some form of art. Maybe a HD tatoo of a cat or a dragon. That's something I am rooting for.
A tatoo should contain something you will be proud of and like for the rest of your life, no matter how short or long it is or who you encounter.
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