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Single player team question: 6/2/2017 19:00:58

Level 40
Is it possible to get your AI team mate to use a reinforcement card?
Single player team question: 6/2/2017 20:20:34

Level 58
no this isn't possible, the AI is coded that he lets the human play the cards and when there is no human left on the team then it starts playing cards
Single player team question: 6/2/2017 20:34:33

Level 60
The AI teammate will only play cards if it is the last player on the team to commit AND a card must be played. (i.e. A player got booted/surrendered and is replaced by an AI. While the other players have committed. If you manage to commit before the AI (close to impossible, unless WL server is slow/heavy load) the AI would play card.

Edited 6/2/2017 20:35:27
Posts 1 - 3 of 3