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Community Levels - important info request: 5/31/2017 13:14:10

Level 59
Greetings, all!

For a while we can have entertainments playing Community Levels games.

While idea is considered good, problem arises when you want to play one (or not) and only info you have is name and creator name, save possibly if the game is won by someone and in what turn.

But, when you check game details, you should see settings of the game to let you think if you want to try it or not. Some games are nothing more than basic game with basic settings, but some can have different or custom setting. I think that players should be able to see settings before they join (like in multi-player games where one can check game settings or tournaments setting). Possibly there could be players reviews (like on maps) or more informations.

Some games are really good, some are even masterpieces, but majority is waste of time - and one cannot decide until actually start the game.
Community Levels - important info request: 5/31/2017 14:43:18

Level 60
filter levels based on difficulty pls


its a suggestion
Community Levels - important info request: 6/1/2017 09:04:47

Level 59
How do you think it would be done, Semicedevine? Usually, if the game itself is tried many more times and only few victories, you can have that conclusion, but, for new games you can't see the difficulty level.

Would that be in the settings for levels? Like, if game creator think it is not an easy game so he make post that it is hard game, or to post flag on the game?
Community Levels - important info request: 6/1/2017 10:10:42

Level 62
Could try putting this idea on Uservoice: http://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features.

filter levels based on difficulty

Doesn't Muli's userscript already do something like this?
Community Levels - important info request: 6/1/2017 22:02:42

Level 59
Some kind of advanced features are really added within Muli's script:

*Hot*Most Liked*Most Difficult*Most Played*
and some like
*Most Records (Player)*Most Records (Clan)*Top Creators Your Levels*

But, some additional explanations are really needed.
Community Levels - important info request: 6/2/2017 20:33:56

Level 56
while there is no method to know if a new scenario will be challenging or not, you might wanna check if the creator has done other lvs before and see what win rate they have.

I have to agree on the fact that many single players levels that are autowins from the start are no fun, but it's not easy to balance out the difficulty and understand what the majority of the player base are looking for. Currently my most liked scenario is the one with the highest win rate; suggesting me that i should focus on making easier lvs, which i don't like doing!

btw if you are looking for some mildly challenging levels you should check mine out! :)

Edited 6/2/2017 20:37:50
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