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AWP World Tour Magazine: 10/15/2017 05:34:12

Level 55
I updated the Events google docs:

I collected the present finals (F, SF, QF) positions from the 14 ongoing events (+ the 3 already finished events in this month), so here are the players with 2 or more finals (the + means still in the event):
  • 7
    Timinator (1W, 2F+, 1F, 2SF+, 1QF+)
  • 5
    rakleader (1F, 2SF+, 1QF+, 1QF)
  • 3
    PJ017 (1F+, 1QF+, 1QF)
    malakkan (1SF+, 1SF, 1QF)
    fireice82 (1QF+, 2QF)
  • 2
    ACL Tears (1W, 1SF)
    Quicksilver (1W, 1QF+)
    Edge (1F+, 1SF)
    Kurdistan (1F, 1SF)
    Buns (1F+, 1QF)
    MoD (1F+, 1QF)
    Bonsai (1SF+, 1QF)
    Kezzo (1SF+, 1QF)
    Master Bjarke (1SF, 1QF+)
    Juan (1SF, 1QF)
    awesomeusername (2QF+)
    Chromeo (2QF+)
    Xenophon (2QF+)
    JV (2QF+)
    Psykkoman (1QF+, 1QF)
    krunx (1QF+, 1QF)
    Beren (1QF+, 1QF)
    ps (1QF+, 1QF)
    linberson (2QF)
Timinator is on (very!) fire! :O
But the present number one rakleader is on fire too!
Maybe this will be the big fight for the first place in the future?
I think (and hope) will be others too ;)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 10/21/2017 04:06:35

Level 55
African Masters is finished, so congrats time!

51. AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Elitism Africa
Congratulations to Timinator for his third (!) Tour event win! And for the first major title! With this nice 1000 points, he broke the 4k rankings limit, and arrived to the TOP5. Seems he will be the next pretender?!
Congrats to Buns for his final too! With those nice 600 points he is the third player who broke the 5k points!
Congrats to Juan and Pana as well (Pana almost overtakes rakelaeder with these 360 points :O )

Here are the TOP16:

Despite I wrote, I will update the Rankings only once a month (the official one, beginning of the months), I did it now again :)
But this one really the last exception, and only because I did a "clay" statistics where this result was needed, and because with this event we reached the maximum countable events number (50), so the Rankings is full now, first time in the Tour history! (so from now, every finished event will mean an expired event too)
So here are the TOP25 now:

Notable changes:
Only 40 points missed for Pana overtakes rakeleader back. "From" his retirement :O
Buns broke the 5k limit, and back to the podium (3th).
Timinator broke the 4k limit, and already in the 5th position.
AI broke the 3k limit (the 9th player in the Tour history who was able to do it)
Still one ONE! is in the TOP25, but PJ017 was replaced by malakkan.

And here is the updated full Rankings:
AWP World Tour Magazine: 10/21/2017 05:06:49

Level 55
And here are the 2017 "clay season" statistics I wrote about in my previous post.
  • 209 players joined to the clas season events during 2017
    • 10 players joined to all the 13 events
    • 34 players joined to 10 or more events
    • 89 players joined to 5 or more events
    • 165 players joined to 2 or more events
  • 13 tournaments
    • 1 - Grand Slams
    • 2 - Masters 1000
    • 3 - 500 Series
    • 7 - 250 Series
  • 1011 finished games
I made a google docs for only the 2017 "clay season" (included the 13 events only):

And here are the records of 2017 clay season:
  • TOP10 ranking points (maximum is 6250)
    • 2100 - krunx
    • 1990 - Timinator
    • 1770 - Master Bjarke
    • 1660 - Wini
    • 970 - Pana
    • 885 - malakkan
    • 875 - Super Smoove
    • 865 - Arkanton
    • 810 - JV
    • 710 - Rento
  • The most tournament wins:
    • 2 - Quicksilver
    • 1 - krunx, Timinator, Wini, malakkan, Arkanton, JV, Reza, Rento, MoD, Swisster, Kurdistan
  • Players with most finals:
    • 5 - Timinator (1W, 0F, 3SF, 1QF)
    • 5 - Master Bjarke (0W, 2F, 0SF, 3QF)
    • 4 - Hades (0W, 0F, 1SF, 3QF)
    • 3 - Wini (1W, 1F, 0SF, 1QF)
    • 3 - Jackie Treehorn (0W, 0F, 2SF, 1QF)
    • 3 - Muli (0W, 0F, 0SF, 3QF)
  • Players with best win% (win-loss):
    • 100% - Quicksilver (12-0)
    • 90% - Kurdistan (9-1)
    • 83% - Timinator (25-5)
    • 79% - Phaeril (11-3)
    • 78% - pip (7-2)
    • 77% - carlos12.0 (10-3)
    • 75% - Buns (9-3)
    • 73% - Super Smoove (11-4)
    • 73% - Bonsai (8-3)
  • Players with most win (events number) (win%):
    • 30(13) - Master Bjarke (70%)
    • 27(13) - rakleader (68%)
    • 25(6) - Timinator (83%)
    • 25(10) - Wini (74%)
    • 25(13) - malakkan (68%)
    • 22(13) - JV (65%)
    • 21(12) - Reza (66%)
  • Players with most tourney (maximum is 13)
    • 13 - Arkanton, Master Bjarke, rakleader, malakkan, JV, Rob, fireice, Muli, linberson, Hunta
AWP World Tour Magazine: 10/23/2017 04:55:44

Level 55
I introduce a new monthly mini section, a TOP25 table about the expirations of the ongoing events.
I mean, the TOP25 players who defend the most expiring points from ongoing events.

The present ongoing events:

And the TOP25 players who defend the most expiring points from ongoing events above:
(remark: the best six 500 and 250 Series events can be replaced by the 7th, 8th, etc. best non expired results of this category too, not only by the new year result of the given event as per the situation with major events)

Edited 10/23/2017 04:56:18
AWP World Tour Magazine: 10/26/2017 04:04:15

Level 55
I am pleased to announce that the Tour admin team was expanded with a new member.
Welcome Ƨillynamenace on the board!
I am very happy about this :D
AWP World Tour Magazine: 10/26/2017 05:00:55

Level 59
The pleasure is mine!

Edited 10/26/2017 05:02:59
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/1/2017 06:46:46

Level 55
Two finished events, so congrats time.

60. AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Treasure Map
Congratulations to INSIDE for his first Tour event win! And immediate a Masters, nice! Because he didn't defend any points from last year (first round defeat), this means 1000 additional points for him, and with those points he is about the TOP20 now (from 49th), congrats.
Congrats to rakleader as well for his new nice result again! Because he defended only 45 points from previous year, this means 555 additional points for him now, which mean, he is the first player ever who break the 6000 points limit on the Tour! Very impressive, congrats! And because almost all of his rivals lost 100+ points (their more defended points than the new ones), his advantage is around 1000 points now!
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the challenge is given: try to catch him! ;)
Congrats to the two Bandits, Bonsai and Kezzo too for the nice semifinals, which will likely mean TOP50 for both of him finally!

One more notable thing, FlyingBender lost the most points (1000), because he was the title holder, but even not joined to the new event :(((( With those lost points, he will be out from the TOP50 :|

Here are the TOP16:

63. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Earthsea
Congratulations to MoD for his 8th (!!) Tour event win! Very impressive that number 8! He is the absolute record-holder in this category, the next one on that list is MIFRAN with "only" 5 wins. Although point of view of the Rankings it doesn't mean too much (just like Quicksilver's very impressive winning %), because his missing major event wins :O
Congrats to Xenophon for the final, this was only his second finals (after a QF), I thought he had more :O
And congrats to Kurdistan and Master Bjarke for the semifinals too!
(seems the Masters were the best sailors on this template now :D )

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/9/2017 05:18:15

Level 55
Monthly Tour Update - 10/2017
  • The TOP10 on the Tour after October:

    This is rakleader's second consecutive months in the first position, and it looks like will be a couple more ;) It looks like, because his point lead is very big.
    Almost 1000 points againts the second position, but Pana retired and he didn't defend any of his big points, so he will sink very soon.
    And rak's point lead againts the real pretenders (Buns, Wini, Timi, MoD) is about 2000 points!
    As I wrote earlier, the hard challenge is given: try to catch rakleader! ;)
    (btw he earned a decent 19-6 records and got a very nice 750 additional points in last month)

    Pana still is in the second position (with big lead againts third (until his GS win will be expired soon)).
    He earned a 6-2 records but suffered -40 points (more defended points than the new ones)
    Maybe seems strange that a retired player can earn records and can be so high ranked, but this is because the "only finished event counting" system and the characteristic of the Tour Ranking system (the Ranking based on the last 52 weeks). So he will be here with us for a while (and maybe he will change his mind and break his retirement during that time ;) )

    Then let's see the pretenders.

    Buns raised from 4th to 3th position
    He earned a very nice 10-2 records and got 135 additional points (not more, because he defended 600 points from the expried Treasure Map Masters).
    He has got good position regarding expiring major event results (not many points recently expiring, so he can easy raise his points from those), but he is in a strange situation regarding the best six section, because all of his bigger points in that section are expiring recently, and he hasn't got new/old results which can replace those (if I remember well, recently he joined only to the major events). That will means about 900 points minus for him (now he has got 1015 points from best six section) which will make getting the first position much harder for him.
    The maximum 3000 points from the best six section seems not many, compared to the maximum points from the 4 Grand Slams (8000) and from the 8 Masters (8000), but those are only the theoretical maximums, in practice 20-30% of the points of the players come from best six results.
    (from Ranking point of view, the optimum minimal if you join to all 12 major events, AND 6-12 500 Series events)

    Wini lost one position, and earned a 7-5 records with 0 additional points.
    Counter to Buns, his best six section won't suffer by expiration (not too high anyway, there would be space for improve that section ;) ), but he has got very good Masters results which will expire soon, so his position is not easy either (from fighting for the first place point of view)

    Timinator raised again from 7th to 5th position! He earned a magnificient 20-2 (!) records and got a very nice 1265 additional points! Now, he arrived to the pretenders, and present he has got the best position among the pretenders to reach rakleader (very few expiring points and many good positions in the ongoing events!). But rakleader is still very far away, the distance is still more than 2000 points :O So good luck ;)

    MoD sank one position, despite he earned a very cool 11-3 records he suffered -185 points (mostly because his expired BIV 500 Series event win).
    Regarding the fight for the first place, his situation is not very easy either, because although his best six section is still the best (1680 points from that section, and not recently expiring, and he has a few decent replacing results too), but his biggest two major results (a Masters win and a 2nd, which are 1600 points!) will be expired soon. The good news, that he hasn't got other very good results from major events, so he has space for growing later ;)

    Because of Timi's raising, Arkanton lost one position too (from 6th to 7th). He earned a 6-6 records and suffered -25 points. Well, Arkanton, with his sole 3k points, is still the stable borderline between the forefront positions and the others. Like Cerberus, he guard hard this gate and only a few (like Timi) can pass through him :D
    Joke aside, he has not very bad position in the first place fighting, because he has got not many expiring results recently, so if he will be able to catch some good results from major events, he can easy pass through his own gate ;)

    AI hold his 8th position, earned a 4-2 records but suffered -40 points.
    His position in the fighting for first place isn't bad, because he hasn't got expiration problems at all, 80% of his points are come from the last two Grand Slam events, which will be expired very long, so he has a lot of space to gain points from other major events and from best six too, so everything just depends on him ;)

    Master Bjarke hold the 9th position and earned a nice 12-6 records and got 225 additional points.
    His situation is similar than AI, his best results from major events will be expired very long, and because he hasn't big points to defend he has got a lot of space for gaining points.

    Hades missed all the 6 finished events again, and seems he is inactive (last seen 48 days) :((((
    But he hasn't got expired points, and he still holds the last TOP10 position (but only 5 points advantage againts the 11th krunx)

  • Some additional good performance from outside of the TOP10.

    INSIDE won his first Tour event (which one a Masters!), he earned a very nice 11-2 records and got a cool 975 additional points, and raised from the 48th to the 18th position, congrats!

    Although Bonsai didn't win any events, but he earned a super 11-3 records, and got nice 560 additional points, and raised from the 108th to the 43th position. Very well done!

    ACL Tears won his second Tour event, he earned a very nice 11-3 records and got a tasty 500 additional points, and raised from the 21th to the 15th position, nice progress!

    Quicksilver won his 4th (!) Tour event, he earned a flawless 6-0 records again, but this nice perfomance worth "only" 250 additional points, and raised from the 14th to the 13th position. But if I saw it well, he started to join more events (amongs major events too), so I am excited to see what will be the result of this ;)
    Ah, if Quick, then I must write about his win%, which is already 94% (32-2), and about that my clanmate, Adreso ended Quick's incredible winning series on the Tour (in Phobia Masters R16).
    Despite this, Quick's win% will be first for a while (unless he sacrifices it on the altar of the Rankings ;) )

    Juan earned a nice 10-4 records and got a cool 450 additional points, and raised from the 84th to the 42th position, congrats!

    Kurdistan49 earned a nice 10-4 records and got a cool 410 additional points, and raised from the 43th to the 28th position, he is climbing the Rankings very well!

  • The biggest victims of last month expirations

    FlyingBender -1165 points! Because his expired Masters win, 1-2 records from last month.
    Krzysztof -300 points. 3-1 records.
    DemHunt(UA) -290 points, 6-5 records.

  • You can find here the full Rankings after October:
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/9/2017 05:25:14

Level 55
Monthly Tour Update - 10/2017 - part 2
  • The updated Tour records:

    • Most tournament wins by category (Grand Slam/Masters 1000/500 Series/250 Series):
      • 1/0/1/3 - MIFRAN
      • 1/0/0/3 - Panagiotis
      • 1/0/0/2 - Buns
      • 1/0/0/0 - krunx
      • 1/0/0/0 - AI
      • 0/2/1/1 - rakleader
      • 0/2/0/0 - Wini
      • 0/1/2/5 - MoD
      • 0/1/1/1 - Arkanton
      • 0/1/0/2 - Timinator
      • 0/1/0/0 - FlyingBender
      • 0/1/0/0 - INSIDE
    • The most tournament wins:
      • 8 - MoD
      • 5 - MIFRAN
      • 4 - Panagiotis, rakleader, Quicksilver
      • 3 - Buns, Arkanton, Timinator
      • 2 - Wini, ACL Tears
      • 1 - FlyingBender, Krzysztof, Beren, PJ017, Jefferspin, awesomeusername, Edge, dry-clean-only, Hunta, Ollie, malakkan, Pardon99, [WG] Reza, Rento, JV, krunx, Swisster, Kurdistan49, AI, INSIDE
    • Players with most finals:
      • 21 - MoD (8W, 3F, 4SF, 6QF)
      • 18 - Panagiotis (4W, 3F, 6SF, 5QF)
      • 17 - rakleader (4W, 5F, 2SF, 6QF)
      • 15 - MIFRAN (5W, 0F, 4SF, 6QF), Timinator (3W, 4F, 3SF, 5QF)
      • 14 - Buns (3W, 4F, 3SF, 4QF)
      • 13 - Wini (2W, 3F, 3SF, 5QF)
      • 11 - Arkanton (3W, 2F, 4SF, 2QF), Hades (0W, 0F, 6SF, 5QF), Master Bjarke (0W, 3F, 3SF, 5QF)
      • 10 - ACL Tears (2W, 1F, 2SF, 5QF)
      • 9 - Edge (1W, 2F, 3SF, 3QF), Milly (0W, 1F, 2SF, 6QF), Jackie Treehorn (0W, 0F, 5SF, 4QF)
      • 8 - FlyingBender (1W, 0F, 2SF, 5QF)
    • Players with best win%, 20+ games minimum (win-loss):
      • 94% - Quicksilver (32-2)
      • 79% - Kurdistan49 (23-6)
      • 77% - Buns (82-25)
      • 75% - Timinator (94-32)
      • 74% - MoD (109-38)
      • 73% - Ollie (22-8)
      • 72% - Panagiotis (107-41), Bonsai (21-8)
      • 71% - rakleader (130-52)
      • 70% - MIFRAN (92-40), ACL Tears (55-24)
      • 69% - Hades (62-28), Rento (27-12)
      • 68% - andy903 (19-9), INSIDE (27-13)
      • 67% - Wini (97-47), Edge (51-25)
      • 65% - Juan (26-14), TheRiverStyxie (13-7)
      • 63% - Master Bjarke (77-45), Sułtan Kosmitów (25-15)
      • 62% - Arkanton (90-55), Krzysztof (48-29), Xenophon (18-11)
      • 61% - awesomeusername (46-29)
      • 60% - USA Biches (36-24), malakkan (47-31), EZPickens (29-19)
    • Players with most win(events number) (win%):
      • 130(56) - rakleader (71%)
      • 109(46) - MoD (74%)
      • 107(45) - Panagiotis (72%)
      • 97(49) - Wini (67%)
      • 94(35) - Timinator (75%)
      • 92(45) - MIFRAN (70%)
      • 90(58) - Arkanton (62%)
      • 82(28) - Buns (77%)
      • 77(45) - Master Bjarke (63%)
      • 62(28) - Hades (69%)
      • 61(52) - Milly (54%)
      • 60(49) - 13CHRIS37 (55%)
    • Players with most tourney (maximum is 58)
      • 58 - Arkanton
      • 56 - Don [ Ω ], rakleader
      • 53 - Hunta
      • 52 - Milly
      • 51 - Botanator
      • 50 - fireice82
      • 49 - Wini, 13CHRIS37, DemHunt(UA)
      • 47 - linberson, Muli
      • 46 - MoD
    • TOP10 all-time highest ranking points (maximum is 19000)
      • 6475 - rakleader
      • 5585 - Panagiotis
      • 4650 - Buns
      • 4625 - Wini
      • 4480 - MIFRAN
      • 4295 - MoD
      • 4265 - Timinator
      • 3310 - Arkanton
      • 2980 - AI
      • 2820 - Master Bjarke
  • The updated Yearly and Monthly Tour Rankings history (Number Ones plus linked forum posts and google docs):

  • The updated Events informations:
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/10/2017 05:09:31

Level 55
As I wrote earlier, here is the monthly section about the expiring points from ongoing events.

The present ongoing events:
And the TOP25 players who defend the most expiring points from ongoing events above:
(remark: the best six 500 and 250 Series events can be replaced by the 7th, 8th, etc. best non expired results of this category too, not only by the new year result of the given event as per the situation with major events, so the players won't lost those points exactly, but the different between the expired results and their next best (7th) results)

AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/12/2017 05:54:15

Level 55
I redesigned the Tour history section, so from now you can read through my magnificient Hunglish update posts (and historical google sheets) in a more structured way ;)

Link for the constantly updated Tour history post:

Edited 11/12/2017 05:55:08
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/13/2017 04:58:29

Level 55
During my overdue Monthly update a new event finished, so congrats time.

57. AWP World Tour - 500 Series - Tor-ture
Congratulations to malakkan for his second Tour event win! Both were 500 Series.
After he got the very rare MDL trophy, time for him to start to get the Tour Number One title, which is a rare one too (only 5 players could get it so far) ;) He has a lot of space for progress, he has got only 335 of the possible 16000 points from the major events section.
Congrats to Timi as well, this was his 8th (!) finals, and 5th defeats in the finals, which 37% winrate can be improved ;) But with this newer 500 Series 2nd place (this is his 3th) he has got the 2nd highest points from best six section after MoD (1550 and 1680), nice.
Congrats to Reza and Don as well!

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/14/2017 05:14:37

Level 55
I am pleased to announce that the Tour admin team was expanded with another new member!
Welcome malakkan on the board!
Wohooooo! :D
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/15/2017 14:54:02

Level 64
So, I asked Ekstone if I could help him with a small task that would not take more than 1 hour a month.

Three hours after starting, I feel I could start a new thread titled "Google doc is horrible" or "Why choose a worse name than Excel", or even "I feel a little cheated", but unfortunately, I haven't found any forum where Google developers would be seeking supportive feedbacks from their users.

I have thus updated the 'AWP Events sheet" :

And I am in charge of informing you about the present finals (F, SF, QF) positions from the 13 ongoing events, as well as the 2 tournaments that have ended since the beginning of the month).

Here are the players with 2 or more finals (the "+" means the player has not been eliminated yet):

  • 6
    Timinator (1W, 1F, 2SF+, 1QF+, 1QF)

  • 5
    malakkan (1W, 2QF+, 2QF)

  • 4
    rakleader (1F+, 1SF+, 2QF)

  • 3
    Fireice (2QF+, 1QF)
    PJ107 (1 F+, 2QF)
    Wini (1SF+, 1QF+, 1QF)

  • 2
    Edge (1F, 1SF)
    krunx (2QF)
    Boubou (1SF+, 1QF)
    FlyingBender (1SF, 1QF)
    ps (1QF+, 1QF)
    Chromeo (1SF, 1QF)
    awesomeusername (1SF, 1QF)
    Lew(1QF+, 1QF)
    Psykkoman (2QF+)
    Kezzo (1 SF+, 1QF)
    Rufus Shinra (1SF+, 1QF)

Let's say France and Germany draw..
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/16/2017 05:42:43

Level 55
First of all, thank you very much for the update!

Second, I wrote to you that 1 hour for me, but in the beginning will be more for you :P
Later, when you and Google docs will be better friend, I am sure you will be able to do it in one hour too ;)

Or, after your very hard 3+ hours, you can simple change your mind, and give back this task, I could understand it.
Very important that this is a fun project, only work on it if you feel fun during it ;)

Btw, you can choose any tasks which seems more fun for you.
The point is the fun, never forget ;)

Edited 11/16/2017 05:44:42
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/18/2017 03:38:07

Level 55
New event finished, congrats time!

58. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Belarus
Congratulations to Timinator for his 4th (!) Tour event win! His (already well known) star rises very fast on the Tour, but this momentum will be enough to reach rakleader on the very top? We will see ;) (imo won't be easy, because rakleader has a stable good performance on the Tour). Btw this win means "only" 100 additional points for him (from now, his best six parts can improve only with 500 Series event wins or 2nd places! :O ).
Congrats to Edge as well for his 4th Finals (1-3 his record so far in the Finals).
Congrats to Beren and FlyingBender too, good to see them again on the podium of an event.

Here are the TOP16:

Edited 11/18/2017 03:40:35
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/18/2017 03:55:15

Corn Man 
Level 61
I declare myself as Timi's greatest enemy on AWP.

Three times he has faced me on AWP, and three times I have slayed him.

He should pay me to step aside, so that he has a clear road to #1.
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/18/2017 05:03:03

Level 55
Hehe, your this post would be perfect for my next project (eh, only I should start it...)

He should pay me to step aside, so that he has a clear road to #1.

from now, his best six parts can improve only with 500 Series event wins or 2nd places!

So his defeats againts you weren't impact his #1 road a lot (unless I missed one of your major event win on him)
Despite this, very nice performance to be Timinator's bugbear (but you really are? :P )

Edited 11/18/2017 05:04:43
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/23/2017 05:33:26

Level 55
Damn it, with this new google sheet format I can easy create different new tables and statistics, which seems good, but I'm stuck here :|

Ok, this will be my last improvement for the Tour, at least until Fizzer (or a CLOT maker ;) ) won't implement the best of X tournament rounds format and seeding:

So, I introduce the yearly Tour Race beside the normal Rankings.
This is the same ranking method than the normal Rankings, but cover a calendar year instead of a rolling 12-month period as the Rankings work.

So a new race will start in every year, from the first event finished of the given year to the last event finished of the given year (so actually the races won't be from January to December, rather from March to March (depend when the events finished), and a new yearly race can start before the previous one ended, but this is not an issue)

The normal Rankings without end will carry on too, beside it will be this Tour Race in every year, which has a start and an end, for those who don't like the neverending stories ;)

Additionaly, I introduce the Tour Final events too.
They will be held after a yearly Tour Race finished, for only the TOPX players of the given Race.
The format of this event still not finished, but now I think it will be a single elimination event with seeding and best of X rounds (I will create those few games manually) for the TOP8 (maybe the TOP16) players of the Race. The templates will be choosen by the players (in every rounds players will choose own templates from a pool) and only the template for the decisive game will be choosen by me or the #1 of the Race (this one template will be choosen at the start of the event).
Likely it will be a scoring event too, and those points will be counted for the normal Rankings as well, but I didn't decide it yet.
I know, so many not decided things, but hey, I have more than one year for finishing it ;) (the first Tour Final event will be held after the 2018 Tour Race)

Although the first official Race will start in 2018, from now I will create Tour Race google sheet for 2017 too (just because it's interesting).

So the TOP10 of the 2017 Tour Race after October:

And here are the full list (with all 2017 results and records sheets):

Some quick interesting crumbs:
  • Yes, seems Buns missed all but one small events in this year, so he gives up on (about) 20% of his possible max. points :O
    Maybe he only want a hard challenge, being #1 without best six part ;)
  • Quicksilver has got 100% winning rate (18-0) in this Race :O
    But this magnificent performance means only 27th position in the Race :P (because, unlike Buns, he has got good best six part but no major so far)
  • There are 5 players who joined to all events in 2017 so far (Arkanton, rakleader, Hunta, fireice82, Master Bjarke)
  • The two hottest players in 2017 (as we could have guessed) are rakleader and Timinator (10 and 11 finals positions so far)
  • 30 of 50 events finished so far

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Corn Man 
Level 61
Eckstone, you need to give a special entry to the Tour Final to whoever has the best win record (with say at least 20 games).

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