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AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/23/2017 05:33:26

Level 55
Damn it, with this new google sheet format I can easy create different new tables and statistics, which seems good, but I'm stuck here :|

Ok, this will be my last improvement for the Tour, at least until Fizzer (or a CLOT maker ;) ) won't implement the best of X tournament rounds format and seeding:

So, I introduce the yearly Tour Race beside the normal Rankings.
This is the same ranking method than the normal Rankings, but cover a calendar year instead of a rolling 12-month period as the Rankings work.

So a new race will start in every year, from the first event finished of the given year to the last event finished of the given year (so actually the races won't be from January to December, rather from March to March (depend when the events finished), and a new yearly race can start before the previous one ended, but this is not an issue)

The normal Rankings without end will carry on too, beside it will be this Tour Race in every year, which has a start and an end, for those who don't like the neverending stories ;)

Additionaly, I introduce the Tour Final events too.
They will be held after a yearly Tour Race finished, for only the TOPX players of the given Race.
The format of this event still not finished, but now I think it will be a single elimination event with seeding and best of X rounds (I will create those few games manually) for the TOP8 (maybe the TOP16) players of the Race. The templates will be choosen by the players (in every rounds players will choose own templates from a pool) and only the template for the decisive game will be choosen by me or the #1 of the Race (this one template will be choosen at the start of the event).
Likely it will be a scoring event too, and those points will be counted for the normal Rankings as well, but I didn't decide it yet.
I know, so many not decided things, but hey, I have more than one year for finishing it ;) (the first Tour Final event will be held after the 2018 Tour Race)

Although the first official Race will start in 2018, from now I will create Tour Race google sheet for 2017 too (just because it's interesting).

So the TOP10 of the 2017 Tour Race after October:

And here are the full list (with all 2017 results and records sheets):

Some quick interesting crumbs:
  • Yes, seems Buns missed all but one small events in this year, so he gives up on (about) 20% of his possible max. points :O
    Maybe he only want a hard challenge, being #1 without best six part ;)
  • Quicksilver has got 100% winning rate (18-0) in this Race :O
    But this magnificent performance means only 27th position in the Race :P (because, unlike Buns, he has got good best six part but no major so far)
  • There are 5 players who joined to all events in 2017 so far (Arkanton, rakleader, Hunta, fireice82, Master Bjarke)
  • The two hottest players in 2017 (as we could have guessed) are rakleader and Timinator (10 and 11 finals positions so far)
  • 30 of 50 events finished so far

Edited 11/23/2017 05:38:43
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/23/2017 06:30:54

Corn Man 
Level 61
Eckstone, you need to give a special entry to the Tour Final to whoever has the best win record (with say at least 20 games).

AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/24/2017 03:42:15

Level 55
Qucicksilver, you need to let go your perfectionist part and don't take care of your Tour win record at all, just join to all the 12 major events (plus as many 500 Series as you can) from 2018, and I am pretty sure that you will be in TOP8 and got a normal entry ;)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/24/2017 04:54:39

Level 55
Two new events finished so congrats time!

59. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Pangea Ultima
Congratulations to rakleader for his 5th (!) Tour event win! Already #2 in the most Tour win list.
He defeated the creator of the template in the final, nice! And this win means for him 205 additional points too.
Congrats to Rento for his second Finals, he is clambering on the Rankings slowly but surely.
Congrats to awesomeusername and Chromeo too!

Here are the TOP16:

70. AWP World Tour - 500 Series - Strat. Yin'angzhou
Congratulations to Octane for his first Tour event win! It was an 500 Series, and those additional 490 points means that he consolidated his TOP50 position for longer time (about #30 now).
Congrats to Pardon99 for his second Finals too, with those 255 additional points he well be in the TOP30 too.
Congrats to Darkpie and Njord as well!

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 11/30/2017 04:50:24

Level 55
New event finished, congrats time!

61. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Black Sea
Congratulations to Timinator for his 5th (!) Tour event win! And he won these 5 events (+2 second places) in the last two months, very impressive! Seems, he really wants to catch rakleader and get the #1 position here too (after MDL, QM, etc. :D ), but rakleader will resist hard imo (he got 1 event win and 3 second places (but 1 GS and 1 Masters) in the last 2 month). Nice duel (and we have more possible pretenders too), I like it :D.
Congrats to Hunta for his third finals (and now 33% win rate on finals)
Congrats to Maréchal and rakleader too!

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/9/2017 06:44:31

Level 55
Monthly Tour Update - 11/2017

  • The TOP10 on the Tour after November:

    This is rakleader's third consecutive months in the first position, and still seems that he will hold this position for a while.
    He has got two big point peaks, one is Febr.-March (two Masters 1000 wins), other is July-Aug. (a Grand Slam and a Masters second places) and very stable other results too during the rest of the year. And he is very active on the Tour, and is achiving the further good results. So if somebody wants to take away the #1 from him, need produce a very strong and stable year run.
    From the other side, you have to win only 3-5 tournaments (2-3 GS and 1-3 Masters) for taking first place, good luck with that ;)
    Anyway he earned a decent 16-4 records but suffer 460 points minus (because of an expired 500 Series win and a second place) in last month.

    Pana still is in the second position (with big lead againts third (until his GS win will be expired soon)).
    He didn't have any finished game from last month, but suffered -160 points (because of his expired (and not defended) results)
    Again, the Rankings based on the last 52 weeks results, so erasing a player from the Rankings takes a year (the raising can be faster if you are really good and win all major events in a half year for example ;) )

    Wini raised from 4th to 3th position (because of Buns' sinking).
    He earned a 3-4 records with 0 additional points.
    Regarding the fight for the first place, seems he is a good postion, but not really, because he have to defend very much points from the end of last year (1 Masters win and two second places (2200)), and seems he failed, because on the two running Masters he already defeated in the second rounds, and got "only" 180 additional points from the October Grand Slam.

    Timinator raised again from 5th to 4th position. He earned again a very nice 17-2 records and got a good 310 additional points! Actually, he is the only players who has a real chance taking the number one positions in the foreseeable future.
    So present, age of the rakleader vs. Timinator duel on the Tour, I like it :D

    MoD raised from 6th to 5th position (because of Buns' sinking).
    He earned a 2-1 records but suffered -70 points (because of his expirations).
    He already lost in the second round of the running Phobia Mastesrs, so will suffer 580 points, which put back him from the fighting for the first place.

    Buns sank from 3th to 6th position, because of his total inactivity on the smaller events :(
    He earned a 0-1 records and suffered -780 points (because many of his good small event results were expired in this month).
    Good news that remained only 235 points from best six section, so he won't be able to suffer too much from this part in the future, and he has a good chance for points from here if he finally start to play on the 500 Series events not only the majors :P
    Anyway, erasing his own best six section he excluded himself from the fighting for the first place :|

    Arkanton still holds his Cerberus position (7th) and guards the 3k limit :)
    He earned a 4-5 records with 0 additional points.
    He is already outed from the running majors (but hasn't many defended points neither) so seems he will remain the gate keeper position.

    AI hold his 8th position, earned a 1-1 records with 0 additional points.
    He had a good positions in the fighting for first place (because of his very few expiring points from the running majors), but now worse, because he already out from the new 1vs1 ladder GS and from the Phobia Masters (although still chance on China and the fresh created EA&O Masters).

    Master Bjarke hold the 9th position and earned a 4-5 records with 0 additional points.
    And he is already outed from all of 3 the running majors, so now he is farther from the first place for a while :(

    Welcome krunx in the TOP10!
    He earned a 5-4 records and got 90 additional points.
    Unfortunatelly, he is already outed from all of 3 the running majors too, and this is bad news for him because there are many players (e.g. Quicksilver is coming on majors! :D ) towardsing to the TOP10 :O (although now he has got 350+ points lead).

  • Some additional good performance from outside of the TOP10.

    malakkan won his second Tour event, he earned a very nice 11-3 records and got a cool 505 additional points, and raised from the 24th to the 16th position, congrats!

    Octane won his first Tour event, he earned a good 10-4 records and got a tasty 500 additional points, and raised from the 50th to the 30th position, nice progress!

    Pardon99 earned a good 11-5 records, and got 290 additional points, and raised from the 36th to the 29th position. Well done!

  • The biggest victims of last month expirations

    Buns -780 points with a 0-1 records. So weird suffering so huge points from only smaller events, but this is when you don't have more good results in the background which can replace the expiring ones (or simple defend your points in the new event).
    rakleader -460 points despite the very nice 16-4 records. This is because rak's two good 500 series results (1st and 2nd) expired, and now he run good "only" on 250 Series events not on 500 Series.
    MIFRAN -410 points, 3-3 records.
    Ollie -270 points, 0-0 records.
    Master Jz -225 points, 0-0 records.

  • You can find here the full Rankings after November:
    (I created a new sheet within the docs, called "Win-Loss in November", where you can check all the monthly earned results)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/9/2017 06:48:35

Level 55
Monthly Tour Update - 11/2017 - part 2

  • The updated Tour records:

    • Most tournament wins by category (Grand Slam/Masters 1000/500 Series/250 Series):
      • 1/0/1/3 - MIFRAN
      • 1/0/0/3 - Panagiotis
      • 1/0/0/2 - Buns
      • 1/0/0/0 - krunx
      • 1/0/0/0 - AI
      • 0/2/1/2 - rakleader
      • 0/2/0/0 - Wini
      • 0/1/2/5 - MoD
      • 0/1/1/1 - Arkanton
      • 0/1/0/4 - Timinator
      • 0/1/0/0 - FlyingBender
      • 0/1/0/0 - INSIDE
    • The most tournament wins:
      • 8 - MoD
      • 5 - MIFRAN, rakleader, Timinator
      • 4 - Panagiotis, Quicksilver
      • 3 - Buns, Arkanton
      • 2 - Wini, ACL Tears, malakkan
      • 1 - FlyingBender, Krzysztof, Beren, PJ017, Jefferspin, awesomeusername, Edge, dry-clean-only, Hunta, Ollie, Pardon99, [WG] Reza, Rento, JV, krunx, Swisster, Kurdistan49, AI, INSIDE, Octane
    • Players with most finals:
      • 21 - MoD (8W, 3F, 4SF, 6QF)
      • 20 - rakleader (5W, 5F, 3SF, 7QF)
      • 18 - Timinator (5W, 5F, 3SF, 5QF)
      • 18 - Panagiotis (4W, 3F, 6SF, 5QF)
      • 15 - MIFRAN (5W, 0F, 4SF, 6QF),
      • 14 - Buns (3W, 4F, 3SF, 4QF)
      • 13 - Wini (2W, 3F, 3SF, 5QF)
      • 11 - Arkanton (3W, 2F, 4SF, 2QF)
      • 11 - Master Bjarke (0W, 3F, 3SF, 5QF)
      • 11 - Hades (0W, 0F, 6SF, 5QF)
      • 10 - ACL Tears (2W, 1F, 2SF, 5QF)
      • 10 - Edge (1W, 3F, 3SF, 3QF)
    • Players with best win%, 20+ games minimum (win-loss):
      • 94% - Quicksilver (32-2)
      • 78% - Kurdistan49 (25-7)
      • 77% - Timinator (111-34)
      • 76% - Buns (82-26)
      • 74% - MoD (111-39)
      • 73% - Ollie (22-8)
      • 72% - rakleader (146-56), Panagiotis (107-41), Bonsai (21-8)
      • 70% - Rento (32-14)
      • 69% - MIFRAN (95-43), Hades (62-28), ACL Tears (57-26)
      • 68% - Edge (56-26), INSIDE (27-13), andy903 (19-9)
      • 66% - Wini (100-51)
      • 63% - malakkan (58-34), Juan (26-15)
      • 62% - Master Bjarke (81-50), awesomeusername (56-34), Krzysztof (48-29), Super Smoove (13-8)
      • 61% - Arkanton (94-60), Chromeo (17-11)
      • 60% - PJ017 (42-28), USA Biches (36-24), EZPickens (30-20), Su┼étan Kosmitów (26-17)
    • Players with most win(events number) (win%):
      • 146(61) - rakleader (72%)
      • 111(39) - Timinator (77%)
      • 111(47) - MoD (74%)
      • 107(45) - Panagiotis (72%)
      • 100(53) - Wini (66%)
      • 95(48) - MIFRAN (69%)
      • 94(63) - Arkanton (61%)
      • 82(29) - Buns (76%)
      • 81(50) - Master Bjarke (62%)
      • 63(55) - Milly (53%)
      • 62(28) - Hades (69%)
      • 60(51) - 13CHRIS37 (54%)
    • Players with most tourney (maximum is 63)
      • 63 - Arkanton
      • 61 - rakleader
      • 59 - Don [ Ω ]
      • 58 - Hunta
      • 56 - Botanator
      • 55 - Milly
      • 54 - DemHunt(UA)
      • 53 - Wini, fireice82
      • 51 - 13CHRIS37, linberson
      • 50 - Master Bjarke, JV, Muli
    • TOP10 all-time highest ranking points (maximum is 19000)
      • 6475 - rakleader
      • 5585 - Panagiotis
      • 4650 - Buns
      • 4625 - Wini
      • 4575 - Timinator
      • 4480 - MIFRAN
      • 4295 - MoD
      • 3310 - Arkanton
      • 2980 - AI
      • 2820 - Master Bjarke

  • The updated Yearly and Monthly Tour Rankings history (Number Ones plus linked forum posts and google docs):

  • The updated Events informations:
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/10/2017 04:12:34

Level 55
The monthly section about the expiring points from ongoing events.

The present ongoing events:
And the TOP25 players who defend the most expiring points from ongoing events above:
(remark: the best six 500 and 250 Series events can be replaced by the 7th, 8th, etc. best non expired results of this category too, not only by the new year result of the given event as per the situation with major events, so the players won't lost those points exactly, but the different between the expired results and their next best (7th) results)

Here is the full list:
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/10/2017 04:40:27

Level 55
The monthly section about the Tour Race (results only from 2017 events)

  • The TOP20 of the 2017 Tour Race after November:

  • And here are the full list (with all 2017 results and records sheets):

  • Some quick interesting crumbs:
    • Still rakleader and Timinator are the two hottest players in the top, their point leads has increased to the others, and Timinator got closer to Rak ("only" 805 points differencies), nice duel for the first place!
    • Quick still has got a perfect win% (although no finished games in November) ;)
    • Buns did a 0-1, but he joined to one smaller event at least.
    • There are 4 players who joined to all events in 2017 so far (Arkanton, rakleader, Hunta, Master Bjarke)
    • 35 of 50 events finished so far
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/10/2017 05:16:31

Level 55
New event finished, congrats time!

62. AWP World Tour - 500 Series - Volcano Island
Congratulations to PJ017 for his second Tour event win! He is the 12th players who can win more than one Tour event.
And this win (just like the first one) is a 500 Series, so it means a nice 455 points boost and a TOP20 position for him.
Congrats to Quicksilver for his second place too. Although this is not a perfect win%, but with this second place he got 300 additional points, which is more than any other earlier perfect event win by him (those were 250 Series all for max. 250 points). With these points, he is already in the 11th position and only 56 more points need to the TOP10 (overtaking the fresh TOP10 krunx).
Congrats to Edge and Timinator as well for the podiums.

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/15/2017 04:52:20

Level 55
New event finished, congrats time!

66. AWP World Tour - 500 Series - Red Dead Redemption
Congratulations to Xenophon for his first Tour event win! This was his second finals, and after a 250 Series second place now he won an 500 Series, great job. With this win and the pure 500 additional points finally he is became a sure member of the TOP50 (around 32th), so no more wild cards necessary for him :P
Congrats to Boubou too for his magnificent second place! Beating rakleader, Cloud Strife, Edge, Timinator, JV is a very nice row! :O
Congrats to JV and PJ017 for his podiums as well! They are climbing on the Rankings side by side :D

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/15/2017 08:32:43

Not Tito
Level 58
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/18/2017 05:28:46

Level 55
Also, if someone steps in and does a consistently good job I'll pay them with coins. (If it makes a difference.) As will my buddies.

Time to this Quick ;)

Jokes aside, I would like to migrate the Tour administration tasks from my account to the AWP Admin account (https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=5185080583)

But for this, need a membership for this account, because
  • the access to the only members templates (for events using Commanders or Bomb Cards)
  • creating more than 5 tournaments at a time (only members can ask this exception)
  • images on the forum (I use many, and in this way I would be able to put images in the first post (and in the other AWP Admin posts in the first page) too
I want to do this migration because for the easier Tour admin task sharing (this acount will be used strictly for the Tour administration tasks, only to create tournaments and make forum posts (no gaming)).
I mean the Tour admins would use a shared environment (this shared WarZone account and the corresponding shared google account and google drives docs) for Tour administration. In this way easier involve new admins (or replacing admins (for example me ;) ))

So I need the help of the competitive scene for this (viz. buying a membership for the AWP Admin WarZone account).
Quicksilver, could you organize this? ;) Or simple buy it from your million coins? :D

The best would be a lifetime membership, but a yearly can be option too (although the last one need additional work in every year, but the community can control the quality of the Tour Admin work in this way (won't buy new year membership if the quality is not ok ;) )).
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/18/2017 13:10:23

Level 68
I withdrew all my coins just before withdraws ended. Though I've built up a few thousand again and I'm happy to contribute to whoever organises it
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/18/2017 16:37:39

Level 62
Also very happy to chip in a few.. Keep up the good work Ekstone!
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/18/2017 19:15:23

John John Johnson
Level 58
Id also be willing to help out with the payments, if its necessary or not :)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/18/2017 21:45:24

Level 64
I'd be happy to chip in too. :)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/19/2017 05:33:19

Corn Man 
Level 61
I'll organize this.

Please create coin games with me, for the amount that you want to contribute.

I'll make up any shortfall. It's only 5,899 coins.

Thanks in advance.

Edited 12/19/2017 05:33:46
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/19/2017 05:45:24

Level 55
Thank you very very much guys for your offers!!!!

And thank you very much Quick that you organize it!
If possible, in the end, please send me the players who contributed (perhaps the coin amounts too), because I want to create a post in the first page (and put the link of it to the first post too before the table of contents) where I can list and say thank you everybody who contribute to the AWP World Tour (not only for these coins, but I got (and getting) many programming helps for automations too for example, or other helps earlier too).

Thank you again!
AWP World Tour Magazine: 12/19/2017 06:59:01

Timinator • apex 
Level 66
i can chip in some too.
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