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4 hour boots: 5/12/2017 07:31:07

Level 56
I've noticed there are a lot more 4 hour boot multi-day games popping up. How do these even work because I expect most people are booted after there first night. I accidentally joined a 4 hour lottery and while I come onto warlight often I was booted by the time I woke up. If you sleep a normal length of time like over 4 hours these games don't make sense.
4 hour boots: 5/12/2017 07:41:37

Level 62
Try using the Settings Highlight: https://www.warlight.net/SettingsHighlight.
4 hour boots: 5/12/2017 13:47:07

Level 60
A lottery isn't supposed to last longer than one turn, anyway...

4-hour is the minimum boot timer for MD games, and MD games give more points than RT (twice the ratio).
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