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I suspect cheating of two players I encountered: 5/9/2017 01:41:03

Cabbage Merchant
Level 56
I know this may be just my suspicion, but I believe that two players Viola and Darkness, cheated in two back to back games I played with them. I know Warlight is supposed to uncheatable, but my experience raises some questions that I believe are only explicable if we assume cheating. In the first game, my opponent Viola who spawned very near me chose instead of expanding to stack her armies and attack territories in a straight line that led directly to me, without claiming any other bonuses. The second went normally until the end, when I surrendered, the game ended and I my computer alerted me the a phishing link had been blocked. I inquired to my opponents about this and they said they didn't know what it was about. Then I closed the game. A few minutes later, I noticed that something else was said, but when I tried to reopen the game but it consistently failed to load and I kept getting the same notification about a phishing link had been blocked. To make sure that it was just for this game, I tried others and they all opened normally. I still don't no exactly what a phishing link is and my main purpose for posting this is to hopefully find out what happened and whether or not anyone else has experienced it. I suspected these players or potentially my teammate(Joh Embrey) of cheating because this suspicious link event only occurred when I tried to open this game: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=13442241 FIRST GAME: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=13442241
I suspect cheating of two players I encountered: 5/9/2017 01:47:21

Level 60
In game 1, turn 9, they played a spy card

turn 13, they found you by playing a recon card.

I don't see any evidence of cheating.

A phishing link should not occur, through it being blocked is good. My bet is that you encountered an 'bad' add. Through, not heard of any cases on WL about that.

Edited 5/9/2017 01:50:49
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