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unable to use cards: 4/29/2017 06:26:38

Level 62

I clicked on the card but it would not select.
unable to use cards: 4/29/2017 07:46:15

Level 62
Which turn couldn't you play the card and what card did you try to play?

You could try to select the card again or if that doesn't work, try refreshing.
unable to use cards: 4/29/2017 15:47:45

Level 61
I am also having this problem it has occured several days in a row and effects all games from what I remember. I deleted catche but it hasn't made a difference :/

Also worth noting the app and unity work just fine so just an issue with the website for me.

Edit: It occurs like this; open cards menu , selection is automatically pushed to the last card on the right which is generally an non whole card with a few card pieces already there. Any attempt to select other cards does nothing. Also worth noting is (can't be 100% on this) but I believe it didn't effect a game with just whole cards given.

Edited 4/29/2017 15:51:25
unable to use cards: 5/1/2017 12:20:28

Dave the Okay
Level 60
This just happened to me. Turn 5, Unable to use my reinforcement card (When I selected reinforcement, it would highlight 5/6's of a priority card instead. Exactly what Rikku described.
last card on the right, non whole card.). I refreshed, signed out and back in, Still unable to use it on turn 6. Then on turn 7 I was able to use the reinforcement card. and everything proceeded normally, until turn 10 when I was unable to use a delay card. (Same deal. it highlighted last non-whole card on the right instead). Turn 12 unable to use blockade.

I still won the game :) It presented a new sort of challenge.

unable to use cards: 5/1/2017 16:02:09

Level 47
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