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The Seven Kingdoms Recruitment and Q&A Thread: 4/26/2017 16:13:53

~TSK~ Ice 
Level 19
Good day, all,

My name is Ice. I'm the leader of the Seven Kingdoms, or TSK for short. I wanted to say hello to you all as we haven't made a big splash in Warlight yet.

We are the newest of the Game of Throne clans, and the youngest by far. We just started back in January-ish time and we have been on the down low. We mainly operate our clan out of discord and have a few private games running, but we wanted to reach out and help the GoT community thrive a bit more.

We come from many places: FFA, WD, GoT, Tourn, etc, but we all gathered together to try and make a fun and exciting place for everyone. We chat about WL, Steam games, movies, memes, you know, what people do. And we aim to give you a place to escape and enjoy yourself.

We are trying to build a clan of master RPers and Map makers, but we also want the noobs and the horrible template makers so that we can teach and pass on tricks of the trade to you.

Now, some people might post some things about us below, I'll be open with that. Like I said, we're new. We had some fights, and I believe telling you that straight up is how it should work. But we did what friends do, came together and rebuilt. So, if you want to come over, shoot me a mail. If you want to just play a few games, look for 'TSK' before the game name.

It was a pleasure all!

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