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I cant buy coins: 4/17/2017 16:49:47

Level 33
Hi, firstly I'm sorry for bad english, when I'm try buying coins, game ask me paypal but paypal does not work in Turkey How can I buy coins without paypal
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I cant buy coins: 4/18/2017 02:10:41

Level 61

Warzone Creator
Unfortunately PayPal is the only way to buy coins, and since PayPal had to shut down in Turkey, there is no way. In the future we hope to offer payments through the iOS / Android app store but this won't happen for a while.
I cant buy coins: 4/18/2017 02:25:31

Level 60
Could a VPN avert that? I would assume it to be illegal in Turkey, though.
I cant buy coins: 4/18/2017 04:41:31

Level 59
You simply can´t block all VPN´s. Turkey is trying to block and has been somewhat successful in blocking them. But there is enough to go around and it is rather broadly practised due to fact that social media and foreign media gets blocked frequently.
I cant buy coins: 4/18/2017 15:51:42

Level 33
Thanks for return messages, maybe you can add warlight in steam in future, I can shopping in steam.
I can use VPN's so easy but my credit cards location from Turkey for this reason doesnot work paypal. and Unfortunely, frequently blocked social medias but no problem with VPN :)

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I cant buy coins: 4/26/2017 12:48:09

Level 58

maybe we can find a solution to this. Maybe. Depends on the answer I'll get here:

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