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Blackrating: 3/27/2017 19:32:34

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
Some players are black rating my map El Salvador
If you think not, why would my map win from maps with a 3.9 rating?
If you think not, how have I started a 256 player tournament on my map?

Is there something I can do about such **** who rate my map 1 and don't say why?
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 19:35:35

Castle Bravo
Level 56
What is blackrating? I assume giving it a low rating and not commenting?

I think the map is fine.

I don't know what you can do other than tell people to rate it to counteract the low ratings by giving it 5 stars. It's something that happens to every map
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 19:39:16

Level 59
Your map was 17 points from being 4th. That's not much evidence that people like your map, more likely the pool of maps this week was disinteresting to people. Doubt very many people are just giving your map one star just to give it one star.

I have no opinion on your map as I'm not really the target demographic for it, but it should be noted you can't control what others rate your maps.

Edited 3/27/2017 19:47:36
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 19:41:46

Level 49
It won MotW right? It may just not work well for the Autogames, and thus being rated low? Which would mean the rating may be authentic.

If you really think that someone is using a bunch of alts to rate your map, then I strongly doubt so. Why?

Number of ratings: 16

The average is still very unstable with so few ratings. Where it will end up is hard to say.

Take Bubble Wrap, at 3.5 , 10 ratings. Bet that would drop quick if it became an autogame.

Edited 3/27/2017 19:43:18
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 20:06:31

҈ * TeeMee123҈ *
Level 54
im suprised fizzer hasn't made the map of the week games settings based on the size of map yet, it was being mentioned a lot as soon as he introduced the feature
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 20:21:46

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
I was angry because I had no clue why my map has a low rating.
I had only positive feedback and 1 advice for improvement.
I don't think it are alts but rather more players who rated my map 1 star, I just want to know why?

A map can only be improved if you know what could be better.
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 20:25:43

master of desaster 
Level 66
I don't think a rating of almost 3 is that bad... but to me your map looks better than higher rated maps. imo more maps should be rated lower than they actually are
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 21:20:04

Level 60
People seriously underestimate the effect of a vote on a map.

As it currently stands, 121 maps would have an average rating lowered by receiving a 4-star rating. FOUR STARS! That's "very good", or at the very least "good to play in".

Just a couple people voting 3/5 and your rating can plummet down to levels similar to the one you're in. Then one salty autogame player giving a single 1/5, and that might explain it.
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 22:07:48

Level 55
you could set up some open games with more fun settings, maybe you will receive better reviews..
Blackrating: 3/27/2017 23:05:21

Level 61
probably just the trolls from off-topic trying to get bubble wrap to win the map of the week for the lulz?

don't see anything wrong with the map itself.
Blackrating: 3/28/2017 11:09:14

Level 59
You can always "Whiterate", "Selfrate", "Spamrate", "Uprate" or how-ever you want to call it. Might as well buy the ratings from Chinese. I doubt anyone cares, just a pointless figure.

And if you use google, you can find the people´s who are doing it. Hint: Look map ratings on the first page. That should help you far enough with such investigation. You are not the first nor last victim!
Blackrating: 3/29/2017 17:25:35

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
I like the word choice of how you call the phenomenon. "Blackrating" as if maps unwillingly get a 0 zero, black rating. No coloured yellow star rating, a black rating. An interesting thing I also found out is that you can put a link with the verb 'rater' in french which just happens to mean 'to mess something up' or 'to waste'. Which is a mere coincidence as it is the exact way to describe "Blackrating" itself!
Blackrating: 3/29/2017 19:18:55

Level 59
Given that the number of ratings has increased after it got selected for Map of the Week, I think TBest's explanation is the most likely.

It's a good map and it's getting rated less than it deserves because the Map of the Week autogame system doesn't work for most maps (an auto-game FFA on this seems not-that-fun). I don't think you can do anything about it beyond creating games/tourneys on it and encouraging people to rate it (honestly, of course) after playing on it. Otherwise you'll have to put up with the deflated rating.

@Zeph: In fairness, a lot of rating systems do work like that and work well in practice. See: Uber's driver rating system.
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