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Cheaters ?: 1/14/2014 22:45:19

Level 41
I am new to this game, but this just dosn't feel normal:

I played this 6 player Jerusalem FFA and after watching the history i noticed this:

FIRST PART: [A bit suspicious, borderline normal]
Everybody plays normal...
Turn11: Orange and Gray meet
Turn12: They get a 5 territory border. Gray has 54 reinforcements, Orange has 19
Turn13: Gray withdraws all his units from the border, except 1 place where he attacks orange to get a bonus
Turn15: Gray starts withdrawing ALL units from Gray-orange border, orange has 1 unit aswell.
Turn25: Humans/AIs are all dead except Gray and Orange
Gray has 189 reinforcements per turn, Orange 82

Turn 26: Gray starts reinforcing in just 1 place, orange all over the place and attacks grey
Turn 26->33: Same thing happens
Turn 33: Orange has 244 armies/turn, Gray has 31 and a territory with 1512 army
Well, Orange wins after Gray waits for Orange to get 800+ in 1 territory and procedes to sacrifice his army.

ALSO: Gray was the HOST of the game!! Why would he give up his own game like that ?

I suspect that the same player was using both accounts, or that he is a IRL friend of his that boosted him. Now I am not sure if the later is 100% illegal but it should be... especially in cases as clear as this one.

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Cheaters ?: 1/14/2014 22:49:59

Level 41
Also, he couldn't have just surrendered as there was an AI game and AI with 189 reinf/turn would beat a 82reinf person. He should have intentionally lost.

Now, i understand a pact to... if you don't attack me i surrender to you, but to commit to 15+rounds just to be a good guy is really fishy.
Cheaters ?: 1/14/2014 23:29:20

Level 58

also to report players, go to their profile>scroll down>report ;)
Cheaters ?: 1/15/2014 06:36:23

Level 49
First, you shouldn't report them on their profile for in game behavior. If you suspect or know they are doing something against the rules, you should go to the game in question, click on the players' profiles on the bottom right, click on report, and continue the process from there. It is against the rules to operate more than one profile in a way that would give you an advantage in a game, however, there is unfortunately no rule against two or more friends ganging up on the other players. Another thing you might consider doing is blacklisting the player(s) in question. To do this, go to their profile and click on the "+Blacklist" button on the upper left side of their profile. You should then see the text "Added to your blacklist" below. Finally, seeing the game link would really help us understand what happened in that game. To get the game link, go to the game in question, click on "Menu" on the bottom left, then click on "Settings." The link will be next to "Link" in the "Game Settings" part of that page.

I'm sorry if I went in too little or too much detail, and I hope this large block of text was able to help you.
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