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My problem with this game: 3/17/2017 02:08:15

Level 3
Not that anyone cares, because people only complain when it's the "government" causing problems, then civilians jump on the bandwagon with games like this, where you can't delete your account! Also, the AI, is nothing more than "Command & Conquer" style "Let the Player place his units first, so I can know how to react", that's not Artificial Intelligence! Real AI is, when the AI can react regardless of having knowledge of the user; And the AI seems to have the advantage in this game, ending up with loads of troops, like in my last game was chasing me around the map with 700+ troops opposed to my 186 troops. This game has many flaws in the logic... Why not just have simple mathematical subtraction. One last thing that irked me, is it doesn't matter if you have 1vs1 because if you give the AI several starting locations its the SAME as having multiple AI factions in the game! 1vs1 becomes useless! Paying 14.99 just to have the AI not MDK you, then say it's not pay to win, of course it is when you don't have all the options... I don't know, ...I'm angry, upset, and just ranting, because I love the game, just hate the Artificial Intelligence! Just another game that's addictive, that pisses you off, and makes you want to kill your computer!

Please delete my account, I won't be playing it anymore! You probably won't because this is how life is these days, people care more about information, than the person it belongs to! Don't tell me we have rights in this god forsaken country, not when the internet is like this!
My problem with this game: 3/17/2017 02:21:33

Niko Dikobraz
Level 55
who plays this game to play the game instead of watching the forum? that's where the real entertainment is.
My problem with this game: 3/17/2017 02:32:22

Level 57

quality shitpost
My problem with this game: 3/17/2017 05:20:37

Level 59
As long as you played only singleplayer, you didn't, in fact, played WL at all. Multiplayer is where the REAL fun starts!
My problem with this game: 3/17/2017 06:16:07

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
mkay genghis
My problem with this game: 3/17/2017 14:14:56

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 62
To the OP, not that you're coming back.

You can't delete your account because the multi-player games you play are linked into the history database of the site.

I see you haven't played any Ranked Games (per your profile), so maybe it should be an option for you to delete your account. I'd mail Fizzer if I were you.

As an alternate to deleting, can't you just change your email to a dummy email and reset the password to random? That should alienate you from this account. Its not like Ashley Madison where they charged me, i mean charge their users, a processing fee to delete their account, and then saved the information that I, I mean their users, paid to have my, I mean their, account deleted.

If you're worried about any linked personal identification, mail Fizzer, and he can remove it.

As to your criticisms of the game, I have no clue what you're talking about.

There is an active improvement to the AIs, in fact, Fizzer is (was) holding competitions on coding different AI's. One problem is that there are so many different maps and configurations, that coding a single AI to handle all of those different maps is difficult. In a sense, I agree with you, the AI's can be quite dumb. To compensate for how dumb the AIs are, the custom single player games give them an advantage at the start, and in the levels with bosses, add special features that give them power at different points in the game. I feel that this does a disservice to improving skills because you are learning on how to fight against an simple AI, and not a human that strategically can think about each map and scenario.

If you want to get to know a completely different side to the game, I encourage you to try multiplayer games.
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