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Renouncing the right: 3/13/2017 04:41:54

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
a person that i looked up to just said he was wrong before and that the way he sees things now is different from what it was before. this got me thinking and now i feel like i've been wrong my entire life. My previous thinking was unhealthy.

I'm passing on the ownership of my clan, which was set up on lies and wrongful thinking (even the clan titles are based on Nazi German ranks), and was paid for with blood money, to Baconbits10. he's a good man with good intention that will continue the legacy of the meme.

i apologize to anyone (on here only) that i have offended (i'll continue my cyberbullying and being me on Facebook tho) and ask that you guys forgive me.

Edited 3/13/2017 04:47:08
Renouncing the right: 3/13/2017 04:49:22

Level 58
Renouncing the right: 3/13/2017 06:37:06

Level 60
The more I read the shit you post, the more confused I get... >_>
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