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Seasonal Start Times (Request): 3/12/2017 02:39:54

Level 61
Story time!

I was at Fizzer development stream, I asked Fizzer about the following:

"Is it possible to have a Seasonal start at the beginning of a weekend as opposed to the beginning of a weekday , Where students and people who work would have less free time to commit! "

Fizzer replied (roughly the following)

"That's the first time I've heard such a idea! If there is enough support , I would implement such a thing!"

Now i didn't hear the rest of what he said although It's probably this..

"thanks​ Platinum , You deserve a sword for helping and shit" (On his stream) (If it goes through!)

On a serious note if you are a student like me or someone who works , You ideally want your games at a time where you have most free time and that's the weekend. It's a small change but it can help some people alot!

If you wish to support the idea , You can voice your support on this thread or give 3 votes to the Uservoice!


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Seasonal Start Times (Request): 3/12/2017 02:44:23

Level 61
For Future seasons ideally I should say. Too late for this seasonal.
Seasonal Start Times (Request): 3/12/2017 03:10:31

Simi the Lunatic
Level 59
I support this idea for future seasonals.
Seasonal Start Times (Request): 3/12/2017 06:50:20

Level 61
you are assuming people have same scenario as you, whilst a lot of players spend their weekends offline, with their families, and can only play during weekdays during office/class breaks.

it's all the same to me, just playing devil's advocate here.
Seasonal Start Times (Request): 3/12/2017 08:24:48

Level 62
I definitely support this idea.

The things ps said are true as well for some people, but i think there are a lot more people who have more time on the weekends, than during the week. Since it's not able to find the best starting date for everyone, it should be still the best to go with the majority, which i think has more time to play on the weekends, due to work or school during the week. Ofc everybody has 3 days time to submit the orders, but playing a seasonal also means that u should play faster than other games, since u get a new matchup every 3 days. So if u're able to beat your opponents during that time span of 3 days u will automatically receive better matchups which helps u longterm.

That's why i support that idea of starting the seasonals during the weekends. To find a suitable compromise, it would be maybe the best to start it on a friday, so people who can only play during the week can submit their picks on friday and people who can play more efficient on the weekends can submit their picks on saturday.

A friday as a regular starting day for a seasonal ladder seems the best for everybody.

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Seasonal Start Times (Request): 3/12/2017 09:52:09

Level 63
I support Platinum's idea.

And as you have 3 days to take your turn, you are even able to play on a work-day, if you want to do so.
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